April 21, 2014

Painted Easter Eggs 手繪復活節彩蛋

Painted Easter Eggs 手繪復活節彩蛋

easter egg, painted, dye, handmade, homemade, kid project, hong kong, 手繪, 復活節, 彩蛋
By Published: 2014-04-21

When I was a little girl growing up in California we didn't do much for Easter.  More like nothing, actually.  Not that we didn't want to, I mean us kids, it was just that my 媽媽 and 爸爸 didn't really know how to celebrate a lot of these western holidays.  I remember that one year when my parents somehow miraculously brought home these beautiful boxes of decorated chocolate Easter eggs, one for each of us girls.  That Easter egg, in my memory, has got to be one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen in my life up to that point (and probably well beyond.)  I stared and stared at that amazing, delicate, beautiful Easter egg for probably a month, not even daring to open the box and eat it.  I can't remember what eventually happened to that egg.  I only remember being in love...

easter egg, painted, dye, handmade, homemade, kid project, hong kong, 手繪, 復活節, 彩蛋

April 17, 2014

Handmade Bamboo Steamer 手作竹蒸籠

bamboo, steamer, handmade, hong kong, bamboo steamer, chinese
By Published: 2014-04-17
Have I mentioned that we love bamboo?  Yes...well, let me say it again anyways:  We love bamboo!  Slowly but surely we have switched over to bamboo for most of the cooking utensils for our little kitchen, at least all those that are available in bamboo.  Our chopping boards, our spatulas, our chopsticks, our steamers... A strong, light, durable, inexpensive, mold resistant (much more so than wood!), heat resistant, wildly beautiful material, bamboo's use in Chinese cooking is crowned by this: the wonderful fragrance and taste it subtly infuses when you cook with it!  Once you've tried it there's no going back, you'll be hooked.  Recently, in need of new bamboo steamers, we decided to make a little pilgrimage and procure ourselves a true Hong Kong handmade bamboo steamer!

April 13, 2014

Passion Fruit Ice Cream 百香果冰淇淋

Passion Fruit Ice Cream 百香果冰淇淋

passion fruit, ice cream, fruit, summer, recipe, homemade, no ice cream machine, 百香果,冰淇淋
By Published: 2014-04-13
Passion... Fruit... Put those two words together and what do you visualize?  Something gorgeous and sexy and exotic, no doubt.  But in actuality the real passion fruit is a plain 'ol thing: round, dull purple, wrinkled, ugly even.  Well, at least till you take pity on the poor 'ol ugly thing and open it up.  And then it clicks...that gorgeous lusciously goopy yellow orange flesh with its perfectly black oval seeds... Yes passion, yes fruit...  Yeah for the gorgeously sexy insides of the Passion Fruit!  And then you scoop a mouthful and your face puckers.  Passion fruit tastes sour sweet. Which makes it the perfect fruit to make a summery, refreshing to the palate, ice cream!  Just add a generous bit of sugar to balance the sour and you have the makings for Passion Fruit Ice Cream, or 百香果冰淇淋, a seductive dessert that is fantastically tasty and refreshing after a summery meal.

April 10, 2014

Chinese Steamed Spareribs with Black Truffle Sauce 黑松露醬蒸排骨

Chinese Steamed Spareribs with Black Truffle Sauce 黑松露醬蒸排骨

black truffle, chinese, pork, recipe, sauce, spare ribs, steamed, spareribs
By Published: 2014-04-10
We've heard all that jazz about Black Truffle, that great European gastronomic treasure, but for some reason or the other have never actually tried it.  (Too poor, probably and too busy eating yummilicious chinese food!)  Anyhow, recently someone gave us a bottle of Black Truffle sauce and suddenly there we were, at our virgin tasting of this famous food.  Out of the bottle and onto crackers, it had a surprisingly sharp aroma (almost garlicky) that one could smell all over the house and an intense mushroomy, slightly earthy, yet delicate taste.  Surprisingly delicate really, I'd have thought black truffle would be something that grabs you by the throat and makes you swoon with lust.  To be honest, it was not what we expected.  But then I'm not sure what we expected...

black truffle, chinese, pork, recipe, sauce, spare ribs, steamed, spareribs

April 8, 2014

Chinese Shrimp Roe Noodles 蝦子面

Chinese Shrimp Roe Noodles 蝦子面

chinese, egg noodle, jook sing noodle, noodles, recipe, shrimp roe, recipe
By Published: 2014-04-08
This is a classic Cantonese Noodles dish, the Shrimp Roe Noodle, or 蝦子面.  It's a traditional chinese noodle dish that has fallen out of favor in recent years because...well, actually, I don't really know why!  It is a stunning, simple yet complex, gorgeous to look at, and extra super yummy noodle dish (if made correctly!)  Plus, I don't know of any other noodle or pasta dish quite like this. If that ain't enough to make this Shrimp Roe Noodle dish a super star, I don't know what is!!

April 5, 2014

Sweet & Sour Fish 酸甜魚

Classic Chinese Steamed Fish 清蒸鱼

sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour sauce, fish, chinese, recipe, 酸甜魚
By Published: 2014-04-05
I love, love, love the amazingly delightful taste of the Chinese sweet and sour sauce, but I have to seriously protest against that bright orange gooey guck that passes for sweet and sour sauce these days.  What is that stuff?  And why is it so bright orange?!  Everyone must be using the same bottled stuff because it tastes and looks exactly the same from restaurant to restaurant.  If you love the taste of Chinese sweet and sour, why not try the traditional Chinese way, and make the very delicious Sweet and Sour Fish, or 酸甜魚.  I promise, this traditional preparation tastes way better than restaurant style sweet and sour!  Plus it's easy peasy!

April 1, 2014

Rose Apple 蓮霧

rose apple, wax apple, tropical fruit, fruit, cotton candy
By Published: 2014-04-01
A delicious fruit that is a cross between an apple, a pear, and cotton candy?!  What the hey?!  What sort of fruit-strosity could that be?  Why the Rose Apple, or 蓮霧, of course, that little lady of the exotic tropical fruits, beloved and cultivated in Taiwan for hundreds of years.

rose apple, wax apple, tropical fruit, fruit, cotton candy

March 31, 2014

Chinese Baked Pork Chop Rice 焗豬扒飯

Chinese Baked Pork Chop Rice 焗豬扒飯

classic, cantonese, chinese, recipe, hong kong, cha chaan teng, baked pork chop rice, baked pork chop fried rice
By Published: 2014-03-31
One of the best "if you are really starving and in need of 'comfort food'" food ever.  Hummm...  Did that make any sense? Well, you know what I mean!  Or, to be absolutely correct, you will know what I mean after you try this Chinese Baked Pork Chop Rice, or 焗豬扒飯.  This is a local Hong Kong classic, an absolute standard at all the cha chaan teng, or 茶餐廳, in Hong Kong.  Cha chaan teng is the name for the local style dinners/cafes that dot the culinary landscape of Hong Kong.  Small affordable chinese food eateries that serve up fast, greasy food in big portions; interiors done up with lots of fluorescent lighting and rows of small eating booths.  A cha chaan teng has to have a decent Chinese Baked Pork Chop dish to serve to the hungry masses if it wants to be taken seriously as an eatery!

March 22, 2014

Chinese Pan Fried Salted White Herring Fish 香煎曹白咸魚

Chinese Pan Fried Salted White Herring Fish 香煎曹白咸魚

classic, cantonese, pan fried, fish, chinese, recipe, salted fish, white herring
By Published: 2014-03-22
Yum, yum...  My mouth is watering already!  If you've never tried Chinese Salted Fish before, why not start at the best?  This amazingly deliciously tasty treat is a very traditionally Cantonese way to prepare Chinese Salted Fish, or 咸魚 and you can only really make it properly with the right kind of fish, the best kind of salted fish: Salted White Herring, or 曹白咸魚.   This is the best way to have Chinese Salted Fish!  This Chinese Pan Fried Salted White Herring Fish is a dish that we all (young and old!) fight over when it appears on the dinner table.

March 20, 2014

Four Seasons of Peace Vintage Drinking Glass 四季平安玻璃杯

vintage, chinese, drinking, glass, cups, four seasons of peace
Published: 2014-03-08
Dear reader,  do you remember these lovely Chinese glass cups?  You might just have used one of these now vintage glass drinking cups in a day long past.  We were so lucky (dance, dance!) to find a complete set of these glass cups on one of our rummages through second hand stores in Hong Kong.  I grabbed them at once!  You can't find these anymore!  I'm not sure how old these are but at least 3 or 4 decades would be my guess.  So here they are, so sweet and so lovely, an innocent and perfect reminder of a happy bygone Hong Kong Chinese era.

March 13, 2014

Classic Chinese Steamed Fish 清蒸鱼

Classic Chinese Steamed Fish 清蒸鱼

classic, cantonese, steamed, fish, chinese, recipe, chinese steamed fish
By Published: 2014-03-13
I've been meaning to write about the amazing Classic Chinese Steamed Fish, or 清蒸魚, for the longest time.  I mean, we have this fish dish all the time at home!  It's simple to make and a simply amazingly delicious way to prepare fresh fish.  This is the great shining example of the spare beauty and elegance of the traditional Cantonese way of cooking.  Fresh, fresh food combined with specific precise cooking methods that allow the natural flavors of fresh food to blossom.  A dish that you can make at home with a minimum of fuss.  A super yummilicious, tender, sea sweet fish dish gently flavored with aromatics and a drizzle of fine soy sauce that will get you to eat delicious, healthy fish all the time!  This is simply one of the best fish dishes of all time!

March 8, 2014

Fried Dace with Salted Black Bean 豆豉鯪魚

pearl river bridge, fried dace, black bean, graphic designerPublished: 2014-03-08

Do you know of this iconic Chinese canned fish Fried Dace with Salted Black Bean, or 豆豉鯪魚?  I'm pretty sure that if you're Chinese you will have grown up eating this delicious and unique canned fish at one point or the other.  I'm also pretty sure that even if you're not Chinese you've probably seen this can of fish somewhere before.  It has been a staple (a star even!) of Chinese canned food for many, many decades.  We have an interesting little story about Fried Dace with Salted Black Bean that comes from my 老公's father who grew up in Guangzhou, China in a time when culture and food culture was flourishing there.

Fried Dace with Salted Black Bean Stir Fried with Indian Lettuce 豆豉鯪魚炒油麥菜

Fried Dace with Salted Black Bean Stir Fried with Indian Lettuce 豆豉鯪魚炒油麥菜

fried dace, black bean, indian lettuce, stir fried, stir fry, recipe
By Published: 2014-03-08
A classic Cantonese Chinese dish is the Fried Dace with Salted Black Bean Stir Fried with Indian Lettuce, or 豆豉鯪魚炒油麥菜.  Even our jolly wet market vegetable guy had to admit, chuckling, that there's no way around it: if you're going to cook Indian Lettuce, or 油麥菜, there's nothing better to go with it than the fabulous Fried Dace with Salted Black Bean, or 豆豉鯪魚.  And it's soooo easy to make this delicious dish cause you just open up a can of Fried Dace and stir fry it with the lettuce and Voila!  Classic, yummy, delicious Cantonese Chinese fish and vegetable dish!

March 2, 2014

Chinese Porcelain Spoons 中式湯匙

chinese, spoon, soup spoon, porcelain spoon
Published: 2014-03-02
I lust after Chinese porcelain.  It's so seriously beautiful to me.  Sometimes I dream about it. (I know, I know, I'm really weird!)  Those beautiful, iconic, hand painted pieces of art that the Chinese use ever so casually as their dinnerware.  Gold edged, milky white, delicately patterned or decorated with miniature hand-painted scenes of flying dragons or pagodas on lonely mountains, these gleaming smooth spoons, bowls and plates always grab me by the throat.  I WANT THEM ALL!  Alas for me (but luckily for my 老公!), my house is too small (but of course it is, I live in Hong Kong!) and my pocketbook too limited to buy all the beautiful chinese porcelain that I find.  So most of the time I just stare at the porcelain loveliness and drool.  However, we also like to poke around the old and second hand shops in Hong Kong and every once in a while we score some beautiful old porcelain ware, thrown out by their modern ex-owners (to be replaced by BPA infused designer plasticware).  We, on the other hand, a family of luddites confessed, lovingly scoop home and squirrel away our treasures.  Recently we discovered a stash of lovely old Chinese Porcelain Spoons or 中式湯匙...

February 26, 2014

Crushed M&Ms Vanilla Ice Cream 冬季冰淇淋

M&M's & Vanilla Winter Ice Cream 冬季 M&M's & 香草 冰淇淋

vanilla, ice cream, M&M's, winter ice cream, recipe
By Published: 2014-02-26
One of the strangest things, I think, is how enjoyable ice cream is in the dead of winter.  How freezing your body inside and outside can bring joy and fulfillment is something that I cannot begin to figure out.  But I know it is true.  And not just myself either.  I see people greedily and happily eating ice cream in the cold of winter all the time.   So, in celebration of ice creams in winter, we made an ice cream with one of our favorite winter flavors, vanilla, and some M&M's, a winter favorite because they remind us of Christmas and Chinese New Year with all their bright lovely sparkily colors.  So if you're a winter ice cream eater like us, try indulging yourself with our super delicious M&M's Vanilla Ice Cream!

Andrea’s Roast Pumpkin & Sage Pasta Sauce

Photo courtesy of The Pasta Place
We recently, during one of our wanders through the city, ended up having dinner at a small, newly opened Italian-American restaurant in the Sheung Wan area where we met the dynamic mother and daughter duo who run The Pasta Place.  These ladies really mean it when they say created and run by mother and daughter because everything in that place has their collaborative fingerprints on it, from the retro wallpaper to all the food (made from mamma's own recipes!) on the menu.  We naturally got to chatting with Andrea (the mamma) about her homemade style food, as we at The Hong Kong Cookery obviously think that homemade is cooler than cool!  And Andrea was nice enough to let us have one of her own recipes to share with our readers...

February 21, 2014

Chinese New Year Celebrations 香港新春節慶

chinese new year, hong kong, celebration, festival, festivities, dragon dance
Published: 2014-02-21
We had so much fun this year celebrating the Chinese New Year festival in Hong Kong!  So we thought that before we leave it finally all behind and start in earnest on the new year that we would share some of our photos of Hong Kong celebrating the Chinese New Year, or 香港新春節慶, in it's own imitable style.

 Most important and dramatic of all, of course, is the majestic Chinese Dragon Dance, or 舞龍, a traditional performance that is believed to bring good luck that has been around since 200 BC!  We were lucky enough to catch a wonderful Dragon Dance performance in the mall the other day.  You would not believe how loud the drums and clashing cymbals were!  Could not hear a thing afterwards for an hour!

February 15, 2014

Love Cookies for Valentine's Day 愛心餅乾

Love Cookies for Valentine's Day 愛心餅乾

chinese, chinese new year, love cookies, chinese valentine's day, valentines's day, cookies, recipe, tong yuan, love cookies
By Published: 2014-02-15
Dear readers, it's Valentine's Day and we want to send you a Love Cookie!  We are really excited because this year, for the first time in 19 years, the stars have aligned to make Valentine's Day and the last day of the Chinese New Year Festival, also known as the Chinese Valentine's Day, happen on the same day!  On this day the Chinese traditionally celebrated by gazing at the first full moon of the new year, eating Tong Yuan Rice Dumplings, and writing enticing riddle poems on glowing lanterns to attract their secret or not so secret loves.

chinese, chinese new year, love cookies, chinese valentine's day, valentines's day, cookies, recipe, tong yuan, love cookies
Chinese Valentine's Day is also known as Lantern Festival Day
Why is that exciting for us, this coincidence of dates, you may ask?  Why because we're going to celebrate Valentine's/Chinese Valentine's Day with both Love Cookies and sexy yummy Tong Yuan, of course!!  What a fantastic excuse for a double yummilicious treat and what a great meeting of East and West, eh?

February 13, 2014

Making of a Tong Yuan 湯圓製作

how to wrap tong yuan, how to make tong yuan, chinese, chinese new year, tong yuan, rice dumpling, black sesame, sweet rice dumpling, sweet, recipe, how to make, how to wrap, homemadePublished: 2014-02-13

We thought that since Tong Yuan Rice Dumplings take serious mastery skills to make (joking!), we should do a how to wrap the tong yuan post with lots of helpful photos.  And since 媽媽's (that's me!) hands were encrusted in sticky white dough, my little girl helped me to take a lot the photos!  So here it is: The Making of a Tong Yuan! by the good folks at The Hong Kong Cookery. (That's us!)

Tong Yuan Rice Dumpling 黑芝麻湯圓

Tong Yuan Rice Dumpling 黑芝麻湯圓

chinese, chinese new year, tong yuan, rice dumpling, black sesame, sweet rice dumpling, sweet, recipe, homemade
By Published: 2014-02-13
Tong Yuans are sexy.  If you've ever had a Tong Yuan you'll have to agree with me.  These Chinese sweet rice dumplings are smooth lusciously unctuous round balls of delightfully ricey gooeyness hiding a center of sublime sweetly fragrant filling just waiting to ooze out into your waiting mouth.  Now that I've totally grossed you out (and captured your attention!)  let me state that I stand by all that I have just written.  For it is all true, Tong Yuans, or 湯圓, are one of very few truly sexy chinese foods.  The excitement of the mysterious center filling, the senses awakened by the richness of the filling contrasting the simplicity of the rice dough, the delightfully perfect round fullness,  the absolute pleasure of the act of eating a tender, tasty, sexy Tong Yuan...
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