September 30, 2022

Chinese Poached Fish 水浸魚

Chinese, Poached Fish, recipe, poaching, fish, water cooked, 水浸魚
One of the most famous Cantonese methods for preparing fish is the Classic Chinese Steamed Fish.  The Cantonese cuisine emphasizes the bringing out the natural flavors of fresh food.  Steamed fish is a celebration of the fish's natural flavors, producing fish that is tender, moist and delicious.

However for those in the know, there is another heavy weight contender for the best way to cook fresh fish: the Chinese Poached Fish 水浸魚.  This method of cooking fish in an infused water bath is not as well known for some reason but poaching fish actually produces even silkier meat, just so tenderly delicious that it melts in your mouth!

September 21, 2022

Persimmon Jam

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We’ve recently raved about the perfectly phenomenal persimmon in our post about the Spanish persimmon.  We’ve been buying boxfuls of these lovelies at a time, that’s how obsessed we are with this fruit!

Unfortunately, as happens with the best of fruit, boxfuls of the stuff can lead to having too much fruit and too little time to eat it.  What to do with too much fruit?  Jam it, of course! 

If you make just a jarful of jam, it’s quick and easy to do and you don’t have to deal with all the serious sterilization that is required for mass and long term jamming and canning.  

We just gathered up our extra persimmons, a bit soft and sad from our neglect and whipped up this yummilicious persimmon jam, an explosion of cheeky orange lusciousness,  tasting of honey with hints of plums and apricots and the mellow sunshine of a late summer's afternoon.

September 10, 2022

Snowskin Butter Mochi Red Bean Paste Mooncake 牛油麻糬紅豆冰皮月餅

Snowskin,Butter Mochi,red bean paste,mooncake,recipe,homemade,festival cake,牛油麻糬,紅豆,冰皮月餅,中秋節,mid autumn festival,

It's that time of the year again!  The time of the fullest moon of the year,  of gaily dressed folk swinging their Chinese lanterns high, glowing orbs set against a magnificent moonlit night...the night of the Mid Autumn Festival!   Mid Autumn Festival comes early this year, following the dictates of the fickle lunar calendar and, if the moon we saw tonight is any indicator, the Mid Autumn moon this year is going to be AMAZING!

As you probably know already, we've made most of the traditional mooncakes before, like the double yolk lotus paste mooncake, sesame paste mooncakesnowskin custard moon, five nut mooncake, etc.  This year we wanted to try something new.  

Poking around, brainstorming, I noticed that some mooncakes nowadays are filled with mochi instead of the traditional filling pastes like lotus paste.  I was intrigued, what an interesting idea!  

After a bit of a brainstorm I decided to make Snowskin Butter Mochi Red Bean Paste Mooncakes 牛油麻糬紅豆冰皮月餅, chilled mooncakes wrapped in delicate skin, filled with tender, chewy mochi deeply infused with notes of butter and milk and a heart of luscious sweet red bean paste.  What can I say, this innovative combination turned out a most yummilicious mooncake!