April 7, 2018

How to Store Cilantro

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Here's our easy and handy dandy tip for storing Cilantro, also known as Coriander, 香菜 or 芫茜. Cilantro is used in so many Chinese dishes that it is almost as necessary as spring onion and ginger.  It's fresh green leaves and citrusy, slightly bitter, slightly peppery taste not only freshens your dish up with a lively blast of green but can bring the dish up to the next taste level as well.  

But the thing that was always annoying with cilantro was that by the next day, no matter what I did, the cilantro would be limp and start turning yellow.  Yiks!  What to do?!

April 1, 2018

Chinese Hot Pot Dinner 火鍋

chinese, Dinner, fire pot, Hot Pot, how to eat, recipe, 打邊爐, 火鍋, 海鮮, how to do hotpot

One of our favorite at home eats throughout the cooler seasons is the famous and fabulous Chinese Hot Pot dinner which translates from Chinese 火鍋 to the more dangerously delectable 'Fire Pot'.  

Brought into China long long ago by nomadic Mongolian horsemen who ate on the run, so to speak, this super fun, relaxed, healthy, body warmingly yummilicious way of making and eating dinner together at the table is an eating event that is great for family, friends or even a party!