April 30, 2022

Chrysanthemum Wolfberry Tea 菊花枸杞茶

Chrysanthemum, Wolfberry. goji berry, recipe, Tea 菊花枸杞茶, chinese, tonic

The weather been a-changing and the winds a-blowing and it's finally officially warm and sunny in Hong Kong!  And, as promised, here's our version of spring in a cuppa tea, just the thing to cool you right down on a warm day.  

This beautiful, easy to brew,  Chrysanthemum Wolfberry Tea 菊花枸杞茶 is infused with the light, entrancing floral fragrance and punctuated by bursts of plumply tart wolfberries.  Cooling to the body, calming to the nerves, boosting to the immune system as well as being super easy on the eye, a more soothing healthy tea tonic is naught to be found.  Let's hear it for Flower Power!

April 17, 2022

Longan Jujube Tea 桂圓紅棗茶

Longan, chinese red date, Jujube, Tea, wolfberry, goji, recipe, 桂圓, 紅棗, 茶, 龍眼

Here's another one of the easy to make drinks we've been exploring making at home cuz we think it's great to make your own healthy drinks instead of buying them.  This Chinese "tea" will delight your throat and sooth your tummy; it's simple and quick to prepare yet very yummy.

The "tea" is not actually a tea but a simple simmer of Chinese dried fruits.  This Longan Jujube Tea 桂圓紅棗茶 is a delicious sweet drink, infused with the delicate florals of longan fruit and the rich undertones of Chinese jujubes and accented with the tart juiciness of wolfberries.   This tea is a warming tea and will help calm your mind and to have better sleep.  

I've been waffling about whether to do this post now or not as the weather here in HK has been having a topsy turvy month, first cold one day, then warm the next and then repeat.  Finally I've decided to do the warming one for now and a cooling one a bit later when the weather really does decide to change for good.  That way, dear readers, you can choose according to your needs!