August 25, 2017

Turkish Delight Sorbet

candy, ice, lokum, recipe, rose flavor, Sorbet, turkish, Turkish Delight, 冰糕, 土耳其軟糖, 玫瑰味, ice cream
By Published: 2017-08-25
It's been hot, hot, hot this summer in Hong Kong and an oncoming typhoon has made the weather even more toasty roasty than before.  "I'm melting...melting..."  as the Wicked Witch of Oz did screech.  

So it seemed the thing to do to make this chillingly appropriate Turkish Delight Sorbet, a delightful, elegant and cooling bit of rose flavored sweet ice just balanced with a touch of tart lime.  Super easy to make, wonderful to look at and just the thing for the hottest days of the year!

August 11, 2017

Homemade Strawberry Mango Jam

Strawberry, Mango, Jam, homemade, recipe, fruit, no pectin, 草莓, 芒果,  果醬, 食譜, 水果
By Published: 2017-08-11
La, de, da... this is a super fun kind of summer jam!  Strawberries and mangos are in abundant supply.  What better idea than to mix 'em up into a fabulously yummilicious mix it up jam!  I wasn't so sure that the flavors would "jam" so to speak, but wowzer, it did "jam" in the most interestingly tasty way.  Try it out yourself with our luscious double flavor packed Strawberry Mango Jam!  

Do note this is a quick recipe for making one lovely jar of jam only for consumption within a couple of weeks and not a recipe for batch making of jam!

August 3, 2017

Strawberries with Mint White Chocolate Cream

whipped cream, dessert, Mint, recipe, Strawberries, summer, White Chocolate
By Published: 2017-08-03's summer and time for strawberries!  There's sun in the sky and summer strawberries on the store shelves!  I usually make strawberries and freshly whipped chantilly cream (just whipped up cream with a touch of sugar and vanilla) as a special treat for my little girl but then I happened on a little twist to this dessert that makes it so much more sophisticated and yummilicious but still quite simple to make!  

It's Strawberries with Mint White Chocolate Cream!  That is, to break it apart, fragant strawberries, fresh mint, smooth white chocolate, and whipped cream!  Goshdangit...all my favorite summer tastes in one simple elegant and ohsotasty dessert!