May 29, 2017

Dragon Well Green Tea Shrimp Stir Fry 龍井炒蝦仁

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Humm...besides making our lovely savory meat Zongzi and Grandma's red bean paste ZongZi for Dragon Boast Festival this year, I thought I would also make the traditional Dragon Well Green Tea Shrimp Stir Fry 龍井炒蝦仁 to celebrate both the rivers and the dragon boats that the festival centers around.

First of all, full confession, we didn't use Dragon Well tea 龍井茶 this time.  We meant to use this special tea but, rushing around at the last minute, found that our usual Chinese tea shop was closed for the day.  But we had all our shrimp already!  That's what happens when you decide things last minute...  But, in the end, things turned out okay, very okay as a matter of fact.  We had some tea at home and decided to just use what we had.  

Our Dragon Well (sometimes) Green Tea Shrimp Stir Fry 龍井炒蝦仁 turned out just fine, juicy velvety sea sweet shrimp dotted with tea leaves, smothered with an aromatic, smooth, tea scented sauce.  We actually liked this version better than when we made it with Dragon Well tea.

May 20, 2017

Easy Homemade Raspberry Jam

easy, homemade, quick, Raspberry Jam, recipe

I just had to share this because this is the best and easiest jam you can make!  I know we have written previously about making homemade strawberry jam, which is pretty easy to make, but making this yummilicious raspberry jam beats it by a mile.   It's super easy!  And so yummy!  

In only about 10 minutes or so you can magically transform fresh raspberry fruit into a jar of gleaming ruby red jam.  And let me say that this Homemade Raspberry Jam is our all time FAVORITE jam, held above all others, always requested by my little girl, better tasting than store bought jams by a long shot!

Note:  This recipe is for lazy folk (like us!) who don't have the time and patience for the mass sterilization of jam jars and all that fuss that generally goes with jamming.  This is for making only one jar of delicious sticky red jam that can made in a flash and kept in the fridge to be eaten within a week or two, if it lasts that long!

May 17, 2017

Chinese Stir Fry Eggs with Flaked Crab Meat 蟹肉炒蛋

Chinese, recipe, seafood, Stir Fry, Eggs, Crab,  蟹肉, 炒蛋, dungeness crab, comfort food

This deceptively simple looking egg dish is a fancy dinner party dish in comforting disguise.  You start with a familiar Chinese comfort food, the tenderly folded stir fry egg (see our Tomato Egg Stir Fry 蕃茄炒蛋 recipe and Shrimp & Eggs Stir Fry 蝦仁炒蛋 recipe for more traditional takes on egg stir fry) and pair with something fabulously posh like crab meat and WHAMMO!  You've got yourself a dish you could serve an Empress!

This Chinese Stir Fry Eggs with Flaked Crab Meat 蟹肉炒蛋 is one of those food matches made in heaven: tender just set egg perfectly complemented by the delectable bits of sea sweet, soft crab meat tucked gently into the golden folds.   A royally yummilicious dish to treat family and friends to!

May 6, 2017

Steamed Baby Geoduck on Vermicelli 蒸象拔蚌

Steamed, Baby, Geoduck, Vermicelli, recipe, elephant trunk clam, clam, seafood, chinese,  蒸象拔蚌

What luck for those of us in Hong Kong to live next the the sea!  The weather's been so nice lately that we have been making a point of making time to go the wet market more and searching out the fresh seafood specials that are just waiting to be discovered.  

Our latest find are these humble looking bivalves that, to be honest, we passed by many a time before discovering that they were a species of the fabulous geoduck or 象拔蚌, that weird and very expensive clam with the huge long protruding elephant trunk.  Have you ever tried the geoduck?  It's divinely yummilicious sliced thinly and served raw.