May 20, 2017

Easy Homemade Raspberry Jam

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By Published: 2017-05-20
I just had to share this because this is the best and easiest jam you can make!  I know we have written previously about making homemade strawberry jam, which is pretty easy to make, but making this yummilicious raspberry jam beats it by a mile.   It's super easy!  And so yummy!  

In only about 10 minutes or so you can magically transform fresh raspberry fruit into a jar of gleaming ruby red jam.  And let me say that this Homemade Raspberry Jam is our all time FAVORITE jam, held above all others, always requested by my little girl, better tasting than store bought jams by a long shot!

Note:  This recipe is for lazy folk (like us!) who don't have the time and patience for the mass sterilization of jam jars and all that fuss that generally goes with jamming.  This is for making only one jar of delicious sticky red jam that can made in a flash and kept in the fridge to be eaten within a week or two, if it lasts that long!

You need fresh raspberries, of course.  It's a summer fruit so it's the perfect time of the year to be on the outlook for them.  When buying raspberries do check them carefully especially on the bottom layers for any bruising or signs of mold.  You want them in perfect condition.

Jams are made with sugar so here is our sugar ready to pop in the pot.

So easy, just toss your raspberries straight in the pot over low heat and crush 'em with a spoon or spatula until mashed up.

This part is optional but also this is our secret ingredient for phenomenal tasting raspberry jam.  A touch of lemon juice and some lemon zest kicks up the flavor to a tart aromatic sweetness that teases and lingers on your tongue.

The reason why it's so easy to jam the raspberries is because of the little seeds that raspberries have.  Usually one needs pectin, a fiber found naturally in some plants and fruits, in order to thicken your liquidized fruit into jam.  Well it just so happens that those little raspberry seeds have pectin in them so you just need to cook down the raspberries with sugar and it will thicken up nicely all by itself.

Seriously easy raspberry jam, amirite?  And so yummilicious!  And homemade, too.  What more could you ask from a jar of jam?

Easy Homemade Raspberry Jam Recipe
(makes 2 cups)  Prep time:    Cook time: 



In a medium pot with high sides, mash raspberries using a spoon or spatula.  Heat the berries over medium heat until they reach full boil.  Boil for 2 mins, then add sugar, lemon juice and zest if using, and stir well.  Boil for another 3 mins, stirring continuously.  

Remove from heat and let cool.  You can use a sieve to remove seeds at this point if you like but we love the little crunch it provides.  Pour into clean jar with lid and you're done.  Keep in the fridge and eat it up within a couple of weeks.  Enjoy!



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