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Hong Kong Organic MilkHong Kong Organic Milk 

hong kong hot chocolateHot Chocolate - One Little Cup at a Time

chinese puerh teaChinese Pu-erh Tea 普洱茶

chinese, hong kong iced tea, Hong Kong Style, Iced Lemon Tea, iced tea, 凍檸茶, 香港, recipeHong Kong Style Iced Lemon Tea 香港凍檸茶

acv, apple cider vinegar, health benefits, Health Drink, homemade, recipe, Rice Vinegar, vinegar mother, 健康, 米醋, 飲品Homemade Rice Vinegar Health Drink 健康米醋飲品

chinese, Herbal, Pear, pear soup, recipe, soothes cough, Soup, Tonic, 川貝, 燉, 糖水, 雪梨Chinese Pear Herbal Tonic Soup 川貝燉雪梨

Cold, di huang, Green Bean, Herbal, itchy, Licorice, Prickly Heat, recipe, Soup, tea, Tonic, 甘草, 生地, 綠豆, 茶, 薏仁Green Bean Licorice Prickly Heat Tea 生地綠豆甘草茶

asian pear, chinese, health, Herbal, Pear, recipe, Snow Fungus, snow pear, Soup, sweet, Tonic, 北杏, 湯 apricot kernel, 雪梨, 雪耳Pear & Snow Fungus Tonic Soup 雪梨雪耳湯

chinese tea, homemade, how make, mint tea, Moroccan Mint Tea, recipe, 摩洛哥, 薄荷茶Moroccan Mint Tea

chinese, ice cream, Pu-erh Tea, recipe, tea, 冰淇淋, 普洱, 茶, 雪糕Pu-erh Tea Ice Cream 普洱茶雪糕

chinese, drink, Health Drink, Herbal, Job's Tears, chinese barley, Lemon, recipe, tea, 檸檬, 茶, 薏米, 飲Lemon and Job's Tears Herbal Tea 檸檬薏米茶

Flower, Osmanthus, recipe, syrup, tea, 桂花茶, 桂花醬Osmanthus Flower Tea 桂花茶

chinese, drink, recipe, taiwan, tea, Winter Melon, 冬瓜茶Winter Melon Tea 冬瓜茶

chinese red date, goji, jujube, Longan, recipe, tea, wolfberry, 桂圓, 紅棗, 茶, 龍眼Longan Jujube Tea 桂圓紅棗茶

chinese, Chrysanthemum, goji berry, recipe, Tea 菊花枸杞茶, Tonic, wolfberryChrysanthemum Wolfberry Tea 菊花枸杞茶

fruit, fruit syrup, grenadine, grenadine syrup, homemade, Italian soda, Pomegranate syrup, recipeHomemade Grenadine Syrup

Candied, candy, Herbal, tea, Winter Melon, 冬瓜糖, 涼茶, 茶Candied Winter Melon Tea 冬瓜糖涼茶

cola, drink, hong kong, local, Ma Wan Cola, made in hong kong, soda pop, 香港製造, 馬灣可樂Hong Kong Made Cola 香港製造可樂

homemade, italian, Lemon Liqueur, Limoncello, recipe, vodkaHomemade Limoncello Italian Lemon Liqueur

fermented drinks, fermented tea, homemade, how to make, kombucha, scobyHomemade Scoby for Making Kombucha

fermented drinks, fermented tea, homemade, homemade kombucha tea, how to make, kombucha, recipe, scobyHomemade Kombucha - First Fermentation

fermented drinks, fermented tea, fruit flavored, homemade, homemade kombucha tea, how to make, kombucha, recipe, scoby, second fermentationHomemade Kombucha - Second Fermentation


  1. Do you have relatively easy recipes for Liver heat + Stomach yin deficiency?

  2. Hi Danli - for clear liver and support stomach yin please try out Lemon and Job's Tears Herbal Tea. ~ellen

  3. Please do a recipe for HK Milk tea! Please and thanks :)

  4. Hey Nat - You're on! I can't believe we don't have one already...oops! ~ellen