Dim Sum 點心

Dim sum 點心, literally translating to "touch the heart" is the Cantonese teahouse traditional where fragrant tea is served and leisurely consumed along with a bewildering and tantalizing plethora of both sweet and savory tidbits to go along with the tea.  The recipes here are all dishes that are offered for dim sum though in much smaller portions and usually kept warm and served in a  mini bamboo steamer.  I love HK dim sum, it's truly amazing!

chinese new year radish cake recipeChinese New Year Radish Cake Recipe

chinese, Jian Dui, Matuan, recipe, Sesame Ball, sesame puff, sesame seed ball, 煎堆, 煎䭔, 麻糰Sesame Ball Jian Dui 煎堆

cantonese, chinese, chinese new year, dessert, recipe, traditional, Water Chestnut Cake, water chestnut jelly, 中國新年, 馬蹄糕Chinese Water Chestnut Cake 馬蹄糕

chee cheong fun, Cheong Fun, chinese, egg, hoisin, pan fried, recipe, Rice Noodle Rolls, Rice Rolls, snack, sweet soy sauce, 炒蛋, 腸粉, 香煎Pan Fried Cheong Fun (Rice Rolls) with Egg 香煎腸粉炒蛋

Bread, bun, Cha Siu Bao, chinese, recipe, Roasted Pork Buns, 叉燒包Chinese Cha Siu Bao Roasted Pork Buns 叉燒包

buns, bread, chicken, chicken buns, chinese, recipe, Steamed Buns, traditional, 蒸, 雞包仔Chinese Steamed Chicken Buns 雞包仔

Bread, chinese, custard, Custard Buns, dim sum, egg, milk, nai wong bao, recipe, 奶黃包Chinese Custard Buns 奶黃包

cake, chinese, honeycomb, recipe, rice, Sponge Cake, steamed, Sugar, 白糖糕Chinese Steamed Sugar Sponge Cake 白糖糕

cake, chinese, Ma Lai Gao, Ma lai go, ma lai koh, malay cake, malaysian cake, recipe, Sponge, steamed, 馬拉糕Chinese Ma Lai Gao Steamed Sponge Cake 馬拉糕

cake flour, chinese, crust, custard, dessert, egg, egg tart molds, Egg Tarts, recipe, tart, traditional, 蛋撻Egg Tarts 蛋撻

chinese, dessert, classic, dim sum, hong kong, Mango Pudding recipe, Style, traditional, 芒果布甸, 香港Hong Kong Style Mango Pudding 香港芒果布甸

cake, chinese, dessert, pastry, soft flour, egg noodle, Sachima, 沙琪瑪, 薩琪瑪, 馬仔Chinese Sachima Soft Flour Pastry Cake 沙琪瑪

chicken, chinese, deep fried, egg rolls, pork, recipe, Spring Rolls, traditional, 春捲, 炸春捲Spring Rolls 春捲

bun, chinese, dessert, Lotus Seed Paste, pastry, recipe, salted egg yolk, 蓮蓉, 鹹蛋黃Salted Egg Yolk Lotus Seed Paste Bun 白蓮蓉鹹蛋包

chinese, dim sum, dumpling, homemade, how to make, pork dumpling, recipe, sui mai, 燒賣, 點心Sui Mai - Chinese Dim Sum Dumpling 燒賣

chinese, homemade, how to make, recipe, skin, sui mai, sui mai wrapper, wrapper, 燒賣, 燒賣皮, 自製, 點心Homemade Sui Mai Wrapper 自製燒賣皮

dim sum, dumpling, homemade, pork, Quail Egg, recipe, Siu Mai, 燒賣, 鵪鶉蛋, 點心Quail Egg Siu Mai Dim Sum Dumpling 鵪鶉蛋燒賣

cantonese, chinese, crystal skin, dim sum, har gao, Har Gow, recipe, Shrimp Dumpling, 蝦餃, 點心Har Gow Shrimp Dumpling 蝦餃點心

cantonese, chinese, crystal skin, crystal skin dough, crystal skin wrapper, dim sum, recipe, wrapper, 水晶皮, 製作, 點心Crystal Skin Dim Sum Wrapper 水晶皮製作

cantonese, chinese, dim sum, prawn cheung fun, recipe, Rice Rolls, Shrimp Cheung Fun, 腸粉, 鮮蝦腸粉Shrimp Cheung Fun 鮮蝦腸粉


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