April 15, 2013

The Pleasures of Chinese Cooking

Image from Jeanyee Wong website
Published: 2013-04-15
I was checking out some old Chinese cookbooks (a favorite pastime of mine) and happened upon this great old video made as promotion for a Chinese cookbook called The Pleasures of Chinese Cooking by Grace Zia Chu that was published in the 60's in USA.  

Had to share it, what a cool video!  Check out the big can of "Glutate" at 0:17 (MSG, anyone?) and the little monster heads arranged around the stir fried peas at 1:00!  Oh my gosh, what the heck kind of Chinese food is that!  Hee, hee...

But seriously has anyone ever tried out this cookbook?  Is it worth taking a look at?  Apparently Grace Zia Chu was one of the first Chinese to publish a proper Chinese cookbook in the USA.  I love old Chinese cookbooks, so wondering if I should order it...

Cookery Wookery at The Hong Kong Cookery:



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