May 18, 2012

Blueberry Ice Cream | No Machine Needed

blueberry, blueberry ice cream, homemade, fruit, ice cream, no machine, recipe

Now that the long hot summer is finally hitting Hong Kong hard, it is a perfect opportunity to make lots of ice cream!  What could be better on a hot day than a tasty, sugary, icily cool and smooth homemade ice cream?  Especially, if you ask me, if that ice cream is fruit based.  There's something about the sweet/sour nature of fruit that makes anything fruity to be so refreshing.  

Recently we have tried blueberry ice cream and really, really liked it.  It was easy to make, didn't need egg yolks and was super duper tasty and the most beautiful hue of violet that you have ever seen.  I really like food that looks really amazingly beautiful naturally.  It just looked too gorgeous to eat, really, but what the hey, we ate all of it in a day or so!

blueberry, blueberry ice cream, homemade, fruit, ice cream, no machine, recipe

Did you know that blueberries are not only delicious but packed full of antioxidants and apparently they really help with memory loss.  Just what I need lots of help with!  I'm always so absent minded.  So we're going to have lots of these little berries now that they are in season and plentiful and cheap too!  

blueberry, blueberry ice cream, homemade, fruit, ice cream, no machine, recipe
Blueberry Ice Cream Recipe | No Machine Needed
(Adapted from here (makes 1 liter)  Prep time: 5 mins   Cook time: 15 mins


  • 2 cups blueberries
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 2 cups cream


Put berries and sugar and water in a pot and bring to boil.  Reduce heat and simmer until sugar is dissolved and blueberries soft and mushy. (See photo above)  Take off heat and let cool to room temperature.  Use hand mixer to blend until smooth.  Add in cream and stir.  

Cover and chill til very cold and pour mixture into your ice cream machine and follow machine instructions.  Or you could do what we did (cuz we don't have room for an ice cream machine ) and make it by hand as follows:

Cover and stick in the freezer for an hour. Check it and if the edges are forming frozen crystals, beat til smooth. I just use the hand egg beater. Stick it back in the freezer, checking every half hour or so and beating smooth all the ice crystals that will form starting from the sides. The more ice crystals you beat out at this stage, the more smooth your final product will be.  

The mix will slowly get thicker and thicker until finally it is all one uniformly textured gooey mass (3 or more hours), like soft serve ice cream. At this point you can serve it soft or transfer to a container and let it freeze hard.  When you want to eat some, take it out of the freezer and let sit for 5 minutes or so to soften before scooping and serving.

Hope you enjoy this summer treat as much as we did!



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