Meat Recipes

Organic Rosemary Chicken Wings recipeRosemary Chicken Wings - A House Favorite

new york style pizza recipeMake Your Own Pizza - New York Crust

hong kong late night snackLate Night Snack - Hong Kong Style 食宵夜

soy sauce red cooked chicken wingsSoy Sauce Chicken Wings 紅燒雞翅

steamed pork patty with salted fishSteamed Pork Patty w/ Salted Fish 鹹魚蒸豬肉餅

Chinese Red Cooked Pork 紅燒肉Chinese Red Cooked Pork 紅燒肉

Chinese Jinhua Ham 金華火腿Chinese Jinhua Ham 金華火腿

Chinese Spiced Beef Shin 滷牛腱Chinese Spiced Beef Shin 滷牛腱

chinese, dried anchovies, pork, steamed pork, 小銀魚, 蒸肉餅, recipeSteamed Pork Patty w/ Dried Anchovies 小銀魚蒸肉餅

chinese pan fried pork patty salted fish saucePan Fried Pork Patty with Salted Fish 煎鹹魚豬肉餅

Chinese potsticker pork dumpling recipePotsticker Pork Dumplings 鍋貼

chinese potsticker pork dumpling recipe how to foldHow to Fold a Chinese Dumpling

chinese, preserved duck, salted duck, chinese preserved duckSteamed Chinese Preserved Duck Leg 蒸臘鴨腿

chicken liver, chinese style, liver, pate, pâté, recipe, 中式雞肝醬Chinese Style Coarse Liver Pâté 中式雞肝醬

chinese, steamed chicken, lotus leaf, tou tou koi, macau, recipeLotus Leaf Steamed Chicken 荷葉蒸雞

hong kong, cha chaan teng, baked pork chop rice, pork chop rice, chinese, tomato sauceChinese Baked Pork Chop Rice 焗豬扒飯

pork, spare ribs, spareribs, steamed, chinese, recipeChinese Steamed Spareribs with Black Truffle Sauce

cantonese, hong kong, bok choy, cantonese, recipe, roasted duck, salted duck egg, Soup, 湯, 燒鴨, 白菜, 鹹蛋,Roasted Duck Salted Egg Soup 燒鴨鹹蛋白菜湯

cantonese, hong kong, braised, chicken wings, chinese, potato, recipe, soy sauce, potatoes, roast chicken wings, potato stew chickenBraised Soy Sauce Chicken Wings & Potato 土豆燒雞翅

cantonese, hong kong, braised, chicken wings, chinese, potato, recipe, soy sauce, 土豆燒雞翅, 薯仔炆雞Chinese Drunken Chicken Wings 醉雞翅

authentic, chicken, chinese, classic, Clay Pot, Clay Pot Wonton Chicken Soup, dish, recipe, shanghai, shanghainese, Soup, traditional, Wonton, 砂鍋, 砂鍋雲吞雞, 雞, 雲吞Clay Pot Wonton Chicken Soup 砂鍋雲吞雞

braised, chinese, Lion's Head Meatball, meatball, pork, recipe, shanghai, shanghainese, 上海, 獅子頭, 紅燒Lion's Head Meatball 紅燒獅子頭

braised, chicken, chinese, Four Flavors, recipe, Three Cups, william mark, 三杯, 唯靈, 四味, 雞Three Cups Four Flavors Chicken 三杯四味雞

chicken, chinese style, liver, Liver Pâté  中式, pate, recipe, 雞肝醬Chinese Style Chicken Liver Pâté 中式雞肝醬

cabbage, chinese, dumpling, jiao zi, jiaozi, pork, 白菜, 豬肉, 餃子Chinese Boiled Jiaozi Dumpling 白菜豬肉餃子

chinese, pork, recipe, spareribs, wuxi, Wuxi Spareribs, 無錫排骨Wuxi Spareribs 無錫排骨

chinese, Cordyceps, Cordyceps Flower, lap cheong, recipe, Steamed Chicken, 蒸雞, 臘腸, 蟲草Cordyceps Lap Cheong Steamed Chicken 蟲草臘腸蒸雞

Bone, bone broth, chinese, pork, recipe, Soup, Winter Melon, 冬瓜, 湯, 豬骨Winter Melon Pork Bone Soup 冬瓜豬骨湯

chinese, lap cheong, recipe, rice, sausage, steamed, yun cheong, sausage, steamed riceSteamed Lap Cheong Rice 蒸臘腸飯

Curry Chicken, food, Macanese, macau, Portuguese, recipe, Style, 澳門, 葡國雞Macanese Style Portuguese Curry Chicken 葡國雞

Bakkwa, chinese, chinese feasts and festivals cookbook, cookbook review, homemade, meat jerky, Pork Jerky, recipe, 猪肉干, 肉干, 自制Homemade Chinese Pork Jerky Bakkwa 自制猪肉干

Black Sea Moss, braised, cantonese, chinese new year, dried mushroom, Dried Oysters, fat choy, feast, Roast Pork, 好市發財, 燒肉, 燜, 蠔豉, 髮菜Braised Dried Oysters Sea Moss Pork 髮菜蠔豉燜燒肉

baked, chicken, Indian, Masaledar Murghi, recipe, Spicy, tandoori, 印度, 烤雞Spicy Indian Baked Chicken Masaledar Murghi 印度烤雞

chinese, Onion, pork, pork butt, pork chop, pork steak, recipe, sweet and sour, 洋蔥, 糖醋, 豬排Sweet and Sour Pork Chop Onion 糖醋豬排洋蔥

chinese, pork, recipe, salted duck egg, steamed, steamed pork patty, 咸蛋, 咸蛋蒸肉餅, 蒸, 肉餅, 鹹蛋, 鹹蛋蒸肉餅Steamed Pork Patty with Salted Duck Egg 咸蛋蒸肉餅

beef, Brisket, chinese, daikon, recipe, Stew, 清湯, 牛坑腩, 蘿蔔Chinese Daikon Brisket Stew 清湯蘿蔔牛坑腩

beef, recipe, stir fry, Udon Noodles, 炒, 烏冬面, 牛肉Stir Fry Beef Udon Noodles 牛肉炒烏冬面

barbecued pork, BBQ pork, Char Siu, chinese, eggs, pork, recipe, scrambled eggs, stir fry, 叉燒, 炒蛋Stir Fry Scrambled Eggs with Char Siu Pork 叉燒炒蛋

Bang Bang, chicken, Chilled, chinese, mung bean sheets, recipe, salad, sesame, shredded chicken, sichuan pepper, 棒棒, 雞絲Bang Bang Chicken Salad 棒棒雞絲

beef, Bun Bo Xao, Chilled, Cold, lemongrass, noodles, recipe, Rice Noodles, salad, Vermicelli Noodles, VietnameseVietnamese Beef Vermicelli Noodles Bun Bo Xao

Cah Gio, Deep Fry, imperial roll, recipe, Spring Rolls, Vietnamese, 炸春捲, 越南Vietnamese Deep Fry Spring Rolls Cah Gio 越南炸春捲

chinese, Mushrooms, noodle, rat tail noodle, recipe, roasted duck, short rice noodle, silver needle noodle, Silver Pin Soup Noodles, 冬菇, 火鴨, 燒鴨, 老鼠粉, 銀針粉Silver Pin Soup Noodles w/ Roasted Duck 火鴨冬菇銀針粉

chinese, chinese sausage, Cured, Lap Yuk, Pork Belly, preserved meat, preserved sausage, recipe, steamed, 蒸, 臘肉Steamed Chinese Cured Pork Belly Lap Yuk 蒸臘肉

Black Bean, cantonese, chinese, dim sum, recipe, steamed ribs, Steamed Spareribs, 蒜蓉豆豉蒸排骨, 豉汁排骨Steamed Spareribs with Black Bean 蒜蓉豆豉蒸排骨

how to, lard, make, pork fat, recipe, 自己, 製作, 豬油Make Your Own Lard 自己製作豬油

chinese, Chiuchow, Long Beans, Olive Vegetable Sauce, recipe, stir fry, traditional, 橄欖菜, 炒, 長豆Stir Fry Long Beans w/ Olive Veg Sauce 橄欖菜炒長豆

chinese, duck, Duck Bone, leftover, Lettuce Wraps, mince, recipe, Soup, 一鴨兩味, 生菜包, 鴨骨湯, 鴨鬆Duck Lettuce Wraps w/ Bone Soup 鴨鬆生菜包|鴨骨湯

chinese, chinese Preserved Meat, Clay pot Rice, Lap Mei Fan, recipe, 臘味飯, cantoneseLap Mei Fan Preserved Meat Claypot Rice 臘味飯

Best, chicken, recipe, Sake, salted, Wings, 清酒, 雞翅, 鹽燒Salted Sake Chicken Wings 清酒鹽燒雞翅

chinese, Dinner, fire pot, Hot Pot, how to eat, recipe, 打邊爐, 火鍋Chinese Hot Pot Dinner 火鍋

chinese, noodles, pork chop, recipe, shanghai, soup noodle, traditional, 上海, 豬排麵Shanghai Pork Chop Noodles 上海豬排麵

chicken wings, chinese, hong kong, recipe, red, soy sauce, sweet, Swiss Chicken Wings, 瑞士雞翅, 瑞士雞翼Swiss Chicken Wings 瑞士雞翼

cafe, cha chaan teng, Corned Beef Egg Sandwich, Hong Kong Style, recipe, 茶餐廳, 蛋牛治, 香港式Corned Beef Egg Sandwich 蛋牛治

chinese noodle, Fried Bean Paste Noodles, fried sauce noodles, pork sauce, recipe, Soybean Paste Noodles, Zha Jiang Mian, zha jiang noodles, 炸醬麵Zha Jiang Mian Fried Sauce Noodles 炸醬麵

beef, chicken, peanut sauce dip, recipe, satay, skewers, Thai Satay SkewersThai Satay Skewers

chinese, noodle, recipe, Taiwan Braised Beef Noodles, taiwanese, 台灣, 紅燒牛肉麵Taiwan Braised Beef Noodles 台灣紅燒牛肉麵

chicken wings, chinese, Nam Yue, recipe, Red Bean Curd, 南乳, 紅腐乳, 雞翅Red Bean Curd Nam Yue Chicken Wings 南乳雞翅

pork, baked, chinese, dry rub, Five Spice, recipe, Ribs, spare ribs, 五香, 排骨, 烤Chinese Five Spice Ribs 五香烤排骨

Brined, chicken, chinese, grandma, recipe, Salt Marinated, steamed, 焗, 煎焗, 蒸, 蒸焗, 雞腿, 雞髀, 鹽醃Grandma's Chinese Steamed Brined Chicken 煎焗雞髀

african, chicken, galinha a africana, Macanese, macau, 澳門, 非洲雞Macanese African Chicken Galinha à Africana 非洲雞

Bread, bun, Cha Siu Bao, chinese, recipe, Roasted Pork Buns, 叉燒包Chinese Cha Siu Bao Roasted Pork Buns 叉燒包

buns, bread, chicken, chicken buns, chinese, recipe, Steamed Buns, traditional, 蒸, 雞包仔Chinese Steamed Chicken Buns 雞包仔

chicken, chinese, deep fried, egg rolls, pork, recipe, Spring Rolls, traditional, 春捲, 炸春捲Spring Rolls 春捲

chinese, Drunken Chicken, Fermented Rice, jiu niang, recipe, 甜酒釀, 糟雞, 醉雞Chinese Fermented Rice Drunken Chicken 糟雞

chicken, chinese, Gong Bao Chicken, Kung pao chicken, recipe, Sichuan, szechuan, 宮保雞丁Gong Bao Chicken | Kung Pao Chicken 宮保雞丁

chinese, Gong Bao Chicken Pizza, kung pao chicken pizza, pizza, recipe, Stir Fry Pizza, 宮保雞丁, 宮保雞丁比薩, 比薩Stir Fry Pizza ala Gong Bao Chicken 宮保雞丁比薩

bandit chicken wings, bandit wings, chinese, cumin wings, hong kong, recipe, 土匪雞翼Bandit Chicken Wings 土匪雞翼

cantonese, chinese, duck, recipe, roasted duck, Soup, sui aap, Winter Melon, 冬瓜燒鴨湯, 燒鴨Winter Melon Roasted Duck Soup 冬瓜燒鴨湯