July 26, 2022

Kidney Mango 腰芒

Kidney Mango, mango, thailand, thai, fruit, small,  腰芒

As our dear readers will know, we like to share the love when we find new and yummilicious fruits.  Well, we've found a new one!

We discovered this gem of a mango recently.  Though, to be honest, this fruit has been hiding in plain sight.  We just never noticed these little guys cuz these mangoes are so small and humble looking, as well as being really affordable!  I guess I just thought that these little mangos weren't going to be worth the work of peeling and pitting.

So that was it until one fine day when, on the casual recommendation from the fruit lady, my hubby brought a bagful of these kidney mangos 腰芒 home.  Wow-wee, what a wonderful surprise!  Seriously, we've tried all kinds of mangos but this had to be the best mango ever!  

Kidney Mango, mango, thailand, thai, fruit, small,  腰芒

What's the big deal, you might ask?  Well, it turns out that these little mangos originating from Thailand have ultra thin seeds.   That means lots and lots of juicy delicious flesh!  I could not believe how much fruit I had after peeling and pitting!

Pssst... here's a tip: I've found that the best way to peel a mango is to peel with a vegetable peeler.  You can also just peel it with your fingers but you'll find that quite a bit of the mango comes off with the skin.  Just watch those finger tips!

Kidney Mango, mango, thailand, thai, fruit, small,  腰芒

Here's the pit of the mango after being sliced out.  Look at how then that is!!!

Kidney Mango, mango, thailand, thai, fruit, small,  腰芒

Okay, not only is the kidney mango going to give you loads of fruit but the flesh of this particular mango is delicious!  Less fiberous than most mango, the flesh is sweet and tender, just what I think a perfect mango should taste like.  

Kidney Mango, mango, thailand, thai, fruit, small,  腰芒

This kidney mango is now our favorite mango to eat and to use for desserts such as our delicious HK Mango Pudding, Mango Ice Cream or Strawberry Mango Jam.  Actually we ate so much of these little mangos that we started getting itchy (my daughter and I both have eczema issues) and had to stop.  At least for now.  I'm really missing some yummy mango right about now.

So, fellow fruit adventurers, keep your eagle eyes out to scope for these lovelies in your local market and grab 'em if you find them.  These humble mangos are only about 3 inches (8 cm) long, small in stature but giant in taste.  Treat yourself to some mango-liciousness par none!



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