August 21, 2019

Quick Salt Pickled Cucumbers

japanese, Pickled, Cucumbers, quick pickles, recipe, salt, vegetables, shiozuke
By Published: 2019-08-21
Here's a quickie...a lovely little thing to have as bit of a side dish on your dinner or lunch table.  A small dish of something piquant and refreshing to contrast against the main dishes in your meal.  

I discovered this japanese shiozuke style of Quick Salted Pickled Cucumber that is, to my delight, super duper easy and so quick to make that you can just toss it together as you're beginning to cook and have it ready by the time you're putting the meal on the table!

japanese, Pickled, Cucumbers, quick pickles, recipe, salt, vegetables, shiozuke

Get the crunchy seedless cucumbers, not the watery types with the big seeds in them.  English cucumbers, persian cucumbers, and japanese cucumbers are all tasty crunchy types of seedless cukes.  

Just slice them up real thin (to allow the salt go all the way through) and add the salt.  Let it sit in the fridge while you cook dinner.  The salt draws out the water from the veg, intensifying the flavor and creating 'pickle' crunch, creating a deliciously refreshing treat.  

Not quite a real properly fermented pickle (we'll be making those soon so stay tuned) but good enough when you're in a time crunch or just lazy like me...these pickles are so quick to make and really surprisingly yummy for the simpleness of the making!

By the time you're finished cooking dinner or lunch your quick salt pickled cucumbers will be done!  Just rinse the salted cukes a couple of times to wash off the salt.  Taste test until the salt level is to your liking.  

The short salting transforms the cucumber flavor, intensifying it as well as salting it so that you end up with a crunchy, tasty, delightfully refreshing cucumber pickle!  And all in the time it takes to prepare dinner!

Psst...this quick pickling technique works for carrot, napa cabbage, onions (red onions are my fav so far!) and many other kinds of veg as well...yummilicious!

japanese, Pickled, Cucumbers, quick pickles, recipe, salt, vegetables, shiozuke
Quick Salt Pickled Cucumber Recipe
Prep time: Marination time:


  • 1-2 small seedless cucumbers (or 1 large) 
  • 1 tsp salt per cup of sliced cucumbers


Wash cucumbers and slice very thinly.  

In a nonreactive bowl add in sliced cucumbers and salt and mix well.  Refrigerate for 30 mins minimum.  

Remove and rinse with cool water 2 or 3 times or until the saltiness of the pickle is to your liking.  Place in a dish and serve cold.  Enjoy!



  1. I usually have cucumbers on side of certain meals, I also love pickles. This is a nice, easy hack to impart a different flavor. Thank you

  2. You're most welcome and so glad that you enjoy these pickles. I personally love this recipe, it's so easy and so delicious, an absolute delight as a refreshing side dish to any meal! I make this one quite a lot. ~ellen