March 14, 2018

Salted Sake Chicken Wings 清酒鹽燒雞翅

Best, chicken wings, recipe, Sake wings, salted, Wings, 清酒, 雞翅, 鹽燒

If you love chicken wings you're going to food heaven when you taste these wings!  It's such a simple way to prepare the wings that it is incredible how good it tastes.  This is now officially the most requested chicken wing style in our house, which is saying mucho as we love our wings in many styles from soy sauce chicken wings to rosemary wings to soy braised potato wings.  

But this Salted Sake Chicken Wing 清酒鹽燒雞翅, so breathtakingly simple and easy, makes a plateful of wings that is soooo what perfect chicken wings should be that it's almost sinful.  Just tasting of fresh yummilicious chicken with just the right hit of baked salt on crispy skin to kick up the flavor a notch or two.

No extras, just 200% pure chicken goodness.  Oh folks, it's really, really good!

Since this dish is simple, you must start with good ingredients.  Easy enough in this case, get some good chicken wings, preferable free range organic chicken wings.

Best, chicken wings, recipe, Sake wings, salted, Wings, 清酒, 雞翅, 鹽燒

The secret is the sake soak.  Sake is Japanese rice wine, a mild, sweet, ricey kind of wine that goes down real smooth and always gets me drunk way quicker than I think it will.  A quick soak in the sake seems to magically remove all the gamey flavors that you don't want in your meat, leaving only the pure taste of fresh chicken.  Amazing, amazing stuff!  

We were so impressed with the sake soak for meat that we have started trying it on other meats.  So far we have attempted sake soaked salmon head, which we then grilled.  It totally worked!  

We bought the biggest bottle of sake we could find, used some for the sake soak and drank the rest with dinner!  

Best, chicken wings, recipe, Sake wings, salted, Wings, 清酒, 雞翅, 鹽燒

Once the wings are finishing soaking it's time for their salt sprinkle.  Use some good quality fine sea salt for the extra flavor.  Sprinkle the chicken wings generously all over.  And when I mean generously I mean really generously.  It will seem like a lot, but trust me on this.  

When you bite into your just hot out of the oven grilled wing and get a hit of the perfectly crispy salt baked skin you'll thank me!

Best, chicken wings, recipe, Sake wings, salted, Wings, 清酒, 雞翅, 鹽燒

So easy.  Just soak, sprinkle and get 'em into the oven grill.  Don't be tempted to add any other flavors, trust me, it doesn't need it.  

Use your oven to grill by setting your oven for top heat only at highest heat and then place the wings as close to the top heat as you can get.  Grill those puppies until the tops are golden brown and crispy, flip the wings over and repeat for the other side.  So darn easy.  And so darn delicious it's just almost wrong.  

So, seriously, seriously, if you're looking for the perfect chicken wing, this is a close as you can get version of chickeny perfection!

Best, chicken wings, recipe, Sake wings, salted, Wings, 清酒, 雞翅, 鹽燒
Salted Sake Chicken Wings

(adapted from recipe here)  Prep time: 15 mins Cook time: 40 mins



Preheat oven to 400°F (204°C) using the setting for top heat only.  Set your oven rack as close to the top heat as possible.

Rinse the chicken wings and drain.  Put in a bowl and pour in sake until wings are covered.  Marinate for 15-20 mins.  Remove wings from bowl and place onto a wire grill that is placed into your baking pan.  This is to elevate the wings off the baking pan so that both sides can brown nicely.  

Generously sprinkle salt over wings until the skin is covered with a fine layer of salt.  Flip wings over and repeat.  Grill in the oven for 20-30 mins or until the top skin is crispy and golden brown.  

Remove tray from oven and flip the wings.  Return to oven and grill another 10-15 mins until crispy and golden brown.  Serve hot and crispy and enjoy!



  1. can i use sake that is used for cooking or must it be the drinking type?

  2. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I tried the sake soaked wings and it was excellent! I had a bottle of Momosaka sake from Oregon in my fridge, it is expensive but I thought what the heck! The crispness on the skin incredible and the smell of the sake as I bit into the meat - amazing!!!

    1. Hey cy - glad that you liked it! It's one of our top fav ways to make wings -so easy and yummy! ~ellen