December 27, 2017

White Chocolate Mascarpone Frosting

buttercream, cake, filling, frosting, icing, mascarpone, recipe, White Chocolate
By Published: 2017-12-27
Happy holidays!  And in the spirit of the holidays I give you...cake frosting!  And you're probably thinking...what the heck?  Well, it goes like this - we made a white chocolate Christmas cake which naturally had to have white chocolate frosting.  And thus we discovered our most favorite cake frosting ever!  Recently we've been experimenting with all different kinds of frostings/buttercreams for our cakes.  After all a girl cannot ever have too much cake, amiright?!  Some frostings hubby found too sweet.  Others my little girl found not sweet enough.  And yet some others I found too buttery.  But at long last we hit the jackpot with this White Chocolate Mascarpone Frosting,  an exquisitely light yet creamily chocolaty, slightly tangy and not overly sweet frosting that pipes like a dream, perfect for frosting and decorating cakes and absolutely yummilicious to boot!

buttercream, cake, filling, frosting, icing, mascarpone, recipe, White Chocolate,

White chocolate is my hubby's chocolate love.  I adore dark chocolate and my little girl is super greedy for milk chocolate.  Alas, a family divided by chocolate!!  Hee, hee...  To satisfy my hubby's chocolate love I've been trying to use white chocolate whenever I can and also because...shh, don't tell...I'm secretly in love myself with the luscious creaminess of white chocolate.  

And because I'm lazy I usually just use the plain white chocolate bars , the kind you buy to eat, instead of the fancy baking white chocolate.  It works just fine, just be sure to use real chocolate made with cocoa butter and not the chocolate buttons and chips made with vegetable oil.

buttercream, cake, filling, frosting, icing, mascarpone, recipe, White Chocolate,

Use a bain marie to gently heat the cream and chocolate until the chocolate is melted.  Bain marie is another name for a double boiler, an efficient way to very gently heat without fear of over heating or scorching as it's basically just heating over a hot water bath.  If you don't have a double boiler at home, it's a cinch to set one up with what you have at home.  You'll need a small pot and a medium sized stainless steel bowl that can sit on top of the pot.  Heat an inch of just simmering water in your pot, add whatever you're heating up to the bowl, making sure that bowl bottom doesn't directly contact the water, and you have set up your own bain marie.

buttercream, cake, filling, frosting, icing, mascarpone, recipe, White Chocolate,
buttercream, cake, filling, frosting, icing, mascarpone, recipe, White Chocolate,

The magic ingredient to this frosting is the mascarpone (above left), an Italian version of cream cheese.  This is gorgeous stuff...light, creamy and slightly regular cream cheese, except milder and tastier.  In this frosting recipe mascarpone replaces half of the butter resulting in a truly delightfully light and subtly flavored frosting/buttercream.  Mascarpone is a dream cream for desserts and is most famously used in the classic tiramisu dessert.  (Check out our tiramisu recipe!)  

buttercream, cake, filling, frosting, icing, mascarpone, recipe, White Chocolate,

The best thing about this gorgeous mascarpone frosting is how easy it is!  In the wink of an eye you'll find yourself with a light, luscious, creamy white* frosting all whipped up and ready to pipe in swooshes and swirls onto your cake or cupcakes or whatever you want to smother with fluffy swirly goodness.  And a dream to pipe too, smooth, soft, holds and sets really well!  This is our absolute favorite frosting so far, not too buttery, not too sweet with an altogether light and yummilicious cream white chocolate flavor.  You can even substitute milk or dark chocolate in for the white chocolate to please the chocolate desires of you and your family.  Try it, I guarantee you'll love it!

Psst...we made a homemade white cake to match the white chocolate frosting.  A most moist and tasty white cake, post coming soon!

*Note:  If you want a pure white frosting, use clear or white vanilla extract instead of the real vanilla extract which is tinted brown.  Clear or white vanilla extract is artificial flavoring but will keep your frosting very white.  If you don't mind an ivory colored frosting like in our cake use the real vanilla extract.

buttercream, cake, filling, frosting, icing, mascarpone, recipe, White Chocolate,

White Chocolate Mascarpone Frosting Recipe
(enough frosting to frost a 8" to 9" cake)  Prep time:    Cook time:


8 oz white chocolate* 227g
3/4 cup whipping cream, 178g
1 cup mascarpone, 225g
8 oz butter,  room temperature, 227g
pinch salt
2 tsp vanilla extract**
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar, shifted, 188g

Break/chop up white chocolate into small pieces.  Smaller pieces make it easier to melt.  Add chocolate and cream into large stainless steel bowl, place over small pot of just simmering water, making sure that the bowl bottom does not touch the water, i.e. a bain marie or double boiler.  Stir until the chocolate is melted and smooth.  Let cool.

Slice butter into cubes.  Beat mascarpone, butter, salt, vanilla for a couple of minutes on medium speed until fluffy and light.  Add in cooled chocolate cream mixture and use whisk until incorporated.  Turn speed to low and add powdered sugar and mix in.  Turn speed to high and whisk 2 mins until light and fluffy.  Use offset icing spatula and piping bag to frost cake.  If the frosted cake is chilled the frosting will harden, when ready to serve take the cake out of fridge for 10 mins to soften.  Enjoy!

*Substitute milk or dark chocolate for the white chocolate to make an equally light and yummy chocolate frosting.
**Substitute white or clear vanilla extract for a really white color frosting

buttercream, cake, filling, frosting, icing, mascarpone, recipe, White Chocolate,

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  1. Love your blog. On the topic of sweets, I've been trying to identify a traditional Chinese (maybe?) sweet that I had when I was young. It was this black colored dumpling shape that had a sweet peanut/shredded coconut filling. The black "skin" of the dumpling resembled a steamed glutinous rice flour texture with some chew to it. Do you know what this is? I can't remember what it was called except it had the word guo3 in it's name.

    1. Thanks! The cake you are looking for, maybe it is the Black Tortoise Cake, also known as O Ku Kueh? ~ellen

  2. hi there, thank you so much for this - just wanted to check, should the mascarpone be at room temperature too? thanks!

    1. Hi Paul - I used it straight from the fridge but letting it warm up a bit would probably be better. ~ellen

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to try this. Do you think it would work for piping flowers?

  4. Hi Jenne - Yes I think it should be as the texture is like buttercream. ~ellen

  5. Do you use salted butter or unsalted butter?

  6. I used salted butter but you could use unsalted butter and add salt to taste.~ellen