May 31, 2015

Green Mung Bean Popsicle 綠豆雪條

冰棒, 綠豆, 雪條, green bean, popsicles, lollies, mung bean, chinese, recipe
By Published: 2015-05-31
It's been so hot these few days.  Soooo hot!!  I'm melting!!  What to do?  Well, since we've got an excess of lovely green beans from making our Green Bean Licorice Prickly Heat Herbal Tea  生地綠豆甘草茶, I decided to make a batch of healthy yet still truly delicious popsicles to cool our feathers in the midst of this heat.  These super easy to make Green Mung Bean Popsicles, or 綠豆雪條, are a classic ice lolly that is the favorite of every chinese kid.  No better way to cool off from the Chinese summer heat!  

冰棒, 綠豆, 雪條, green bean, popsicles, lollies, mung bean, chinese, recipe

The Chinese use the green bean 綠豆, also known as the mung bean, for many delicious dessert treats.  In the winter months a popular treat is the Green Bean Dessert Soup  綠豆沙, a lovely hot sweet soup that is served as an after dinner treat.  When the weather becomes hot this same dessert soup is often served chilled, making a delicious cooling treat.  Green Beans have a cooling effect on the body according to traditional Chinese medicine.

For the Chinese kid, the green bean popsicle and the red bean popsicles are the classic popsicles.  These were the only popsicles my grandma ever made us when we were kids and we loved them!  There is something perfectly beanilicious about these popsicles!

冰棒, 綠豆, 雪條, green bean, popsicles, lollies, mung bean, chinese, recipe

When I was a kid my favorite part of these popsicles was the bit at the bottom of the popsicles, the bit that was just the beany liquid without the actual bean.  Oh so lickity good!  So, if you're like me, make the green bean soup with less beans, or, like I sometimes do, just stick your stick blender in and mash up the half melted beans.  Makes for a popsicles that are more tender and deliciously melty with any beans getting in the way.  But if you prefer the texture of the beans you can just keep them in there (our photos here show bean-in popsicles).  Tastes yummilicious both ways, just go with what you prefer!

冰棒, 綠豆, 雪條, green bean, popsicles, lollies, mung bean, chinese, recipe

You can also make Red Bean Popsicles, or 紅豆雪條, by adjusting our Red Bean Dessert Soup recipe to make it more liquidy and again, mashing up the beans before freezing.  

Which popsicle do you like best, the red bean popsicle or the green bean popsicle?

chinese, Green Bean, lollies, mung bean, popsicles, recipe, 冰棒, 綠豆, 雪條,

Green Mung Bean Popsicle Recipe   綠豆雪條
(makes 20- 25 pops depending on your popsicle mold)   (Prep time: 1 mins  Cook time: 45 mins   Freeze time: 5 hours)

Your favorite popsicle molds (see some really cute ones here, here and here )


1/2 cup dried green mung beans 綠豆, 80g
10 cups water
1/3-1/2 cup raw sugar, to taste


Rinse beans under running water.  Put beans into a big pot and add 10 cups water.  Cover.  When boiling turn down and simmer for 45 mins.  The beans should be splitting and very soft.  Turn off heat, add in sugar to taste and stir until melted.  Remember that sweetness is reduced when things are iced so add a bit sugar more than you think necessary.

If making popsicles with the beans in, let soup cool to room temperature and pour into popsicle molds.

If making beanless popsicles, mash beans with wooden spoon or with a stick blender.  Strain soup to remove the bean skins.  Allow to cool to room temperature and pour into popsicle molds.

Freeze popsicle molds in freezer for 5 hours or until completely frozen.  To remove molds, run the mold under tap water for 15 secs and then pop it out.  Enjoy your lovely green bean pops!

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