April 10, 2014

Chinese Steamed Spareribs with Black Truffle Sauce 黑松露醬蒸排骨

black truffle, chinese, pork, recipe, sauce, spare ribs, steamed, 排骨, 蒸, 黑松露醬,
By Published: 2014-04-10
We've heard all that jazz about Black Truffle, that great European gastronomic treasure, but for some reason or the other have never actually tried it.  (Too poor, probably and too busy eating yummilicious chinese food!)  Anyhow, recently someone gave us a bottle of Black Truffle sauce and suddenly there we were, at our virgin tasting of this famous food.  

Out of the bottle and onto crackers, it had a surprisingly sharp aroma (almost garlicky) that one could smell all over the house and an intense mushroomy, slightly earthy, yet delicate taste.  Surprisingly delicate really, I'd have thought black truffle would be something that grabs you by the throat and makes you swoon with lust.  To be honest, it was not what we expected.  But then I'm not sure what we expected...

black truffle, chinese, pork, recipe, sauce, spare ribs, steamed, 排骨, 蒸, 黑松露醬,

So what then did we do with this great treasure of European gastronomy?  Well, we did as the Chinese will do (with everything...) and made Chinese food!  After some thought, we decided to incorporate the Black Truffle Sauce into our Chinese Steamed Sparerib recipe.  
Off we went to our jolly butcher at the local wet market to procure a nice bag of fresh pork rib tips, neatly cut into bite sized pieces.  The pork rib tips is the cut of choice for cantonese style of steamed spareribs as they are tender, fatty, and only contain cartilage instead of hard bone.   Go early to the butcher, though, cuz these babies are popular and tend to go first!

black truffle, chinese, pork, recipe, sauce, spare ribs, steamed, 排骨, 蒸, 黑松露醬,

At home the pork was marinated with various chinese seasonings and left soaking in the flavors overnight.  The next day we steamed the pork spareribs for dinner.  The East meets West combination made for a unfamiliar yet deliciously tantalizing final dish.  There was the comforting taste of chinese steamed sparerib perfumed with the intense earthiness of mushroom.  Who knew that Black Truffle Sauce could pair up with Chinese Steamed Spareribs so well?!  

(So now we're food dreaming about trying fresh winter truffle...which is supposed to be seriously lust worthy...sigh...)

black truffle, chinese, pork, recipe, sauce, spare ribs, steamed, 排骨, 蒸, 黑松露醬,
Chinese Steamed Spareribs with Black Truffle Sauce
黑松露醬蒸排骨   (Prep time: 2 mins  Cook time: 20 mins)


700g pork spareribs, (1 1/2 lb, chopped to bite sized pieces)
2 tbsp Black Truffle Sauce
1 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp Shao Hsing Rice Wine
1 tsp potato starch (or corn starch)
2 tbsp spring onions, cut to rounds


Marinate the pork in the truffle sauce, soy sauce, salt, sugar, rice wine and starch for at least 2 hours or overnight.  Place in serving dish and steam over high heat for 20 minutes.  Sprinkle spring onions over and serve.

Note:  The Black Truffle Sauce was given to us by the food lovers at Valnerina with no obligation for us to eat or to write about it.  We did anyways, though, cuz we love to eat and to write!  (Well, about the good stuff.)

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