August 3, 2012

Spiced Edamame Soybeans 毛豆

Spiced Edamame Soybeans 毛豆

boiled edamame soybeans recipe
By Published: 2012-08-03
This addictive little spiced edamame dish is soooo easy to make and so yummy to eat that it's unbelievable.  You could make them as one of the dishes for a chinese dinner or you could boil up a pot full and have them around for snacks.  They go great with beer too!  And the little ones love popping the lovely green soybeans out straight into their mouths to crunch on (and it's a great protein source!).  So if you see these fresh at the market grab a bag; I guarantee you'll love eating these green pods as much as we do. 

Boiled Edamame Recipe


6 cups Edamame beans
Enough water to generously cover beans
2 star anise
1 piece cinnamon bark
1 tbsp Shao Hsing rice wine
1/4 cup salt, or enough salt to make the water taste ocean salty (this is important!)


Wash the edamame well.  Cut off the tips on each side (this will allow the salty water to permeate the pod).  Once the water is boiling, add salt, wine and spices and stir till dissolved.  Taste for ocean saltiness and adjust.   Add beans and cook for 5 minutes.  Scoop out immediately and serve.  Reserve the cooking water and pour some into the serving dish along with the edamame.  
Tip: These are really great cold too so you can make a bunch and then stick the boiled edamame in the fridge and munch on them whenever you need a snack!

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