July 24, 2019

The Yummiliciousness of the Mud Crab 清蒸奄仔蟹

chinese, immature female, Mud Crab, recipe, steamed, virgin, yim chai, 奄仔蟹, 清蒸, 青蟹
By Published: 2019-07-24
While doing research for our Soy Sauce Marinated Crab 醬油醃蟹 post I got pleasantly sidetracked on to the very interesting subject of the mud crab 青蟹 (which is the type of crab we decided to use for our soy sauce marinated crab.)  The more I looked into the information on the mud crab the more various names for the crab kept popping up.  

Lots and lots of names...it was crazy.  What was going on?  How many names could one crab possibly have?  

Well, it turns out that this humble looking green shelled mud crab 青蟹 has specific Chinese names for many stages of its life, each stage offering a different yet equally yummilicious taste and textural experience.  It's so amazing the different offerings this little crab has to offer to the seafood lover!

July 12, 2019

Chinese Preserved Radish Omelette 菜脯煎蛋

Chinese, recipe, Preserved Radish, egg, Omelette, comfort food, 菜脯煎蛋

This humble Chinese comfort egg dish (EGG PIE!) is a cheat.  Actually all Chinese egg dishes are cheats: simple ingredients that are usually on hand anyways, easy peasy and fast to make and most importantly super duper yummy to eat!  

For a Chinese style dinner where there are always at least 3 dishes served, an egg dish is a most excellent and efficient choice to include on the menu for a cozy family dinner.

And thus, ta-da!  Our latest easy egg dish the Chinese Preserved Radish Omelette 菜脯煎蛋 is a traditional home cooking favorite, so good and so easy to make this egg pie!