April 27, 2020

Macanese Shrimp Vermicelli Soup 澳門蝦湯米粉

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I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but my 老公 has some roots in Macau.  His mother's family lived there for a couple of generations before moving to Hong Kong.  So he has an ongoing obsession with the place which is really all too easy to understand as Macau is an altogether fascinating place.  It's a city with a history nearing 500 years, one of the first trading posts in the Far East, and was and still is exquisitely poised inbetween East and West.

This unique characteristic shows through in both the people of Macau, the Macanese, and the Macanese cuisine.  They are both a mix of all the different cultural influences that touched upon the tiny trading port, from Chinese to Portuguese, to Malay and Japanese, Sinhalese and even Indian.  The cuisine of Macau is really the world's first 'fusion' food, using and mixing elements of all these cultures together to form a truly distinct cuisine.  So fascinating and truly unique, a thing hard to find in the current 'global' world.

As part of his recent Macau obbsession, my 老公 made this deceptively simple looking soup noodles and it was SO YUMMY!  This Macanese Shrimp and Vermicelli Soup Noodles  澳門蝦湯米粉, or Sopa de Lacassá, is a traditional Macanese dish usually prepared as a light lunch or perhaps an afternoon snack and is, as traditional and truly tasty food ought to be, a bit more complicated and time consuming than your average instant noodles, but TOTALLY worth it!! 

April 18, 2020

Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Stir Fry Noodles

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This delectable concoction, my dear readers, is my newest most favorite snack!  While I like my instant noodles just as much as any other Asian person does, it's not something that I crave everyday.  However my hubby recently introduced me to a plate of the fabulous Indomie Instant Noodle and I have fallen quickly and deliciously into deep food love!  I think I just about swallowed that first plateful of Indomie in one breath, it was so yummilicious!!  

Hear me, oh noodle lovers, this is the perfect noodle snack you've been waiting for!  I had to make sure to spread the faith though it's probably not necessary as Indomie is already getting quite a cult following amongst the noodle lovers.  But just in case you missed it, here is Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Noodles, the most perfectly flavored sauce tossed instant noodle, in its classic preparation!  (Pssst...it's just the thing to stock up on these days when we're cooking and eating at home so much.)