April 25, 2024

Dried Shrimp Spring Onion Cheung Fun 葱花蝦米腸粉

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Silky, slurpable rice sheets entangled with chewy sea sweet bits of dried shrimp, accented with the sparkle that is fresh fragrant spring onions.  Dressed in a light sweet and savoury sauce that just accentuates it all.  Did I successfully tempt you yet, dear readers?  

This oh so yummilicious treat is the Dried Shrimp Spring Onion Cheung Fun 葱花蝦米腸粉.  This is one of the classic Cantonese versions of the steamed cheung fun 腸粉, delicate rice sheets wrapped around various yummy fillings, normally served at dim sum restaurants.  This might be my favorite cheung fun, actually.  So simple yet so darn marvelous.

April 18, 2024

Yellow Dragon Fruit Pitahaya 麒麟果

Selenicereus megalanthus,yellow pitahaya,kirin fruit,S. megalanthus,yellow pitaya,yellow dragon fruit,

This is our latest fruit-ilicious discovery!  We always like to share whenever we find a new fruit of outstanding deliciousness and boy-o is this fruit delicioso!!  I'm sure y'all have seen the red dragon fruit before as it has been quite popular for many years now.  But to be honest we've been avoiding the red skinned dragon fruit for a while now, finding that the taste is quite 'meh' nowadays.  Maybe from over production?  Don't know, just know that it doesn't taste as nice as it used to.

We found these yellow skinned fruit in the sale bin the other day and decided to try them, not even knowing that they were related to the red dragon fruit at all.  Upon consuming we found that the white flesh of this yellow dragon fruit 麒麟果 so refreshingly sweet and juicy that we actually went back to the store for more the next day and the next...  Nom, nom!  It's soooo good!