August 10, 2019

Red Bean Curd Nam Yue Chicken Wings 南乳雞翅

Red Bean Curd, Nam Yue, Chicken Wings, chinese, recipe,  南乳, 雞翅, 紅腐乳
By Published: 2019-08-10
One can never have enough chicken wing recipes, amirite?  This all around favorite finger food for both big and little kiddos comes in all kinds of flavors such as the classic soy sauce chicken wings and our current favorite salted sake chicken easy and so yummy!  

The wings we're making today are uniquely Chinese with the addition of fermented bean curd to create the finger lickingly yummilicious Red Bean Curd Nam Yue Chicken Wings 南乳雞翅, where crispy skinned chicken gets coated with a clingy luscious red bean curd sauce that packs an umami flavor punch that gets downright addictive!

Red Bean Curd, Nam Yue, Chicken Wings, chinese, recipe,  南乳, 雞翅, 紅腐乳

We decided to crisp up the chicken wings in the oven first and then coat it with the sauce, kind of like the way buffalo wings are made.  So, using a tip for making extra crispy oven baked chicken, we made a dry rub that included a small amount of baking soda (the magic ingredient for crispiness!) salt and white pepper.  

I love to do dry rub, it really works for spicing meat before baking!

Red Bean Curd, Nam Yue, Chicken Wings, chinese, recipe,  南乳, 雞翅, 紅腐乳

Crispness achieved!  A very cool, healthy and simple way to get to crispy skin nirvana.

Red Bean Curd, Nam Yue, Chicken Wings, chinese, recipe,  南乳, 雞翅, 紅腐乳

Red Bean Curd 紅腐乳, also known as Nam Yue 南乳, is the special umami ingredient for these chicken wings.  Red Bean Curd is bean curd mixed with red rice yeast and sometimes chili and then fermented until creamy with a pungent sweet savory flavor that brings meat dishes up to the next level and can even help vegetarian dishes add a bit of meaty savoriness.

Red Bean Curd, Nam Yue, Chicken Wings, chinese, recipe,  南乳, 雞翅, 紅腐乳

While the chicken wings are crisping up in the oven, the red bean curd is stir fried with soy sauce, sugar and wine until a thick clingy sauce is formed.

Red Bean Curd, Nam Yue, Chicken Wings, chinese, recipe,  南乳, 雞翅, 紅腐乳

The crisped skinned chicken wings are added to the wok and turned over flipped until all the sauce is clinging to the wings.  Just like that your Red Bean Curd Nam Yue Chicken Wings are done and it's time to plate them up and pass 'em around.  There's something really special about the taste of red bean curd, you just want more.  

These little wings are perfect as one of the dishes in a Chinese style dinner but my favorite way to take these on is as a finger lickin snack.  You know how it's done,  in front of the TV with feet up, watching my latest cooking show, snacking my way through a plate of these "you can never have just one" Red Bean Curd Chicken Wings...  

Hey, what can I say, it's my idea of a good time!

Red Bean Curd, Nam Yue, Chicken Wings, chinese, recipe,  南乳, 雞翅, 紅腐乳
Red Bean Curd Nam Yue Chicken Wings
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Preheat oven 250°F (120°C).  Prepare a baking tray with wire rack inside.  Rinse and then dry wings with paper towels.  Mix baking soda, salt and white pepper together.  Toss wings with the salt mix.  

Place onto rack, bake 25 mins.  Increase heat to 450°F(230°C) and bake another 25 mins until golden and crisp, turning once halfway through.  Remove from oven.

Heat wok over medium heat until hot.  Add in oil, then the red bean curd, soy sauces, rice wine and sugar.  Stir, using spatula to press the red bean curd with the seasonings until mixed into a thick sauce.  Taste and adjust seasonings to your liking.  

Add in baked chicken wings and stir gently until the sauce coats the chicken wings evenly.  Serve hot, red and delicious!



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  2. Just discovered your blog, and I want to thank you so much for it. I'm learning a lot of advanced HK food dishes from it in the language I'm most proficient in (English). My mom is from HK and my dad from Guangzhou, both are/were raised right after or during WW2, and I'm from New York. Your blog brings information on dishes that I'm surprised to be unaware of, while filling in the backstories on the ones I'm already informed about. Really wonderful entries with little gems of knowledge that further connect me to the food culture of my parents and cousins (and their parents, etc.).

    1. Hi Victor - So glad you found us! We're like you are, where our parents are from the old country and we've grown up apart from it and yet have grown up eating all the yummy foods from our culture. Welcome! ~ellen

  3. thank you so much 😃 brings back memories....

  4. Hello Ellen,
    Thank you very much for your generous and yummy sharing.
    I would like to know if you've tried substituting chicken wings with chicken thighs/legs or the whole chicken, and if so, what amount of ingredients to put and how much longer to bake? Thank you.

  5. Hi Soon Yeen - We always use wings however I think that legs would work fine, just maybe need to cook a tiny bit longer to make sure skin crispy and the juices run clear. For the whole chicken I would recommend to spatchcock (cut out spine and press the chicken flat) the chicken first before baking. Again baking time might be increased, just keep your eye on the oven and remove when skin crispy and juices run clear. Probably need to double the amount of the sauce as well. Let me know if you do try this and how it turns out! ~ellen

  6. One of my faves! Love the salty aspect of it.

  7. Hey Nat, one of our favorites as well. Such an umami taste amirite?! ~ellen

  8. Going to try this tonight. I can make crispy wings easily in my air fryer.

  9. I haven't tried an air fryer yet. If it really works for crispy wings, that would be amazing! ~ellen