May 31, 2024

Mangosteen Fruit

mangosteen, queen of fruits, tropical fruit, fruit, purple mangosteen,山竹

Another fruity post!  I  know, I know.  We've gone completely fruity!  But how could I resist?  The  tropical mangosteen is in season now!  We've seen heaps and heaps of these ball shaped purple fruit with its cute green hat everywhere recently.  This small and humble looking fruit hides a most delicious taste sensation inside, delicate white juicy flesh, lusciously sweet and tangy, reminiscent of the flavors of peach, pineapple and lychee.  Taste buds say 'Wow!'

May 28, 2024

Homemade Passion Fruit Soda

Passion Fruit Soda, passion fruit, fruit, drink, recipe, soda, homemade, tropical fruit, non alcoholic

Deliriously delicious passion fruit soda!  Heady tropical scent and flavors burst out in this most refreshing concoction and it's so easy to make!  The best thing to do with passion fruit if you ask me.  And super duper easy to make it right at home!

May 20, 2024

Homemade Passion Fruit Syrup

Passion Fruit Syrup,homemade,passion fruit,syrup,fruit syrup,百香果, recipe

Ooolaalaa!!  We're really excited about this one!  The fruits of the warmer months are starting to appear on the store shelves and we're going completely fruity over it all!  On an impulse I bought some passion fruit (they smelled so good!) and then didn't know what to do with them cuz they were pretty sour to eat straight.  So I left the fruit in a basket until the other day when I had a 'lightbulb'.  Why not make a syrup like we do with pomegranate (see our fabulous grenadine syrup recipe)?  

And so we made passion fruit syrup (it was so easy!) and the result was just as fabulous than our previous favorite grenadine syrup!  Passion fruit syrup infuses with the heady, exotic and sexy tropical scent and flavor of the passion fruit into a gorgeous orange fruit syrup that is out of this world.  It's so good that I had quickly to scour the neighborhood for more passion fruit due to immediate strong consumer demand (i.e. my little girl's demands ;)  Ahh...the joys of fruit...

May 4, 2024

Sweet Tofu Skin Smoothie 腐竹糖水沙冰

smoothie,recipe,腐竹糖水沙冰,fuzhu,chilled drink,Tofu Skin,chinese,slushie,腐竹,沙冰,sweet,dried tofu skin,腐竹糖水

This smooth, creamy, ice-ilicious Sweet Tofu Skin Smoothie 腐竹糖水沙冰 is the most unexpected delight.  Made with old style traditional Chinese ingredients, it is transformed with a modern method of treatment into a powerfully enjoyable and addictive treat.  

We discovered this neato drink at a local restaurant that serves HK traditional cha chaan teng 茶餐廳 foods.  But I'm pretty sure that this is no traditional HK treat.  But no matter, all is fair in love and food.  This smoothie was absolutely yummilicious, just the thing to cool off and soothe away a hot day.  We have recreated this Sweet Tofu Skin Smoothie at home for all our dear readers to enjoy as well.  Cold, sweetly creamy, tofu-y, this smoothie is really far out!