November 6, 2015

Chocolatey Chocolate Ice Cream

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Yum, yum, yum, my favorite flavor of ice cream!  Chocolatey chocolate!  No matter how many new and exotic flavors appear on my ice cream horizon, I always float back lazily to that rich, velvetly, creamy, uniquely chocolatey taste of chocolate ice cream.  (Well, that, and also my other classic childhood favorite ice cream, Strawberry Ice Cream!

We always like to have some homemade ice cream in the fridge and this Chocolatey Chocolate Ice Cream 巧克力雪糕 is a great favorite of ours for eating and for dressing up to make fancy ice cream cones!

巧克力, 冰淇淋, 雪糕, chocolate, ice cream, recipe, dessert, classic

I like to use 70% chocolate, which is a bitter sweet dark chocolate.  If you like sweeter chocolate, you could look for chocolates with a lower percentage of cocoa, or even use milk chocolate if that's the chocolate that you like.  For myself I find 70% chocolate is just sweet enough yet allows the other flavors of chocolate to emerge, the floral and fruity undertones, the slight delicious bitterness.  

I like to use this 70% dark chocolate.

巧克力, 冰淇淋, 雪糕, chocolate, ice cream, recipe, dessert, classic

When melting chocolate you must always use a double boiler , also known as a bain marie.  Basically you can just use a stainless steel bowl or a glass bowl suspended over a pot of just simmering water, with no part of the bowl touching the water.  This allows a gentle heat to bathe your chocolate,  with no possibility of burning, instead allowing a slow melt that keeps the integrity of all the chocolate flavors.  I just use my stainless steel mixing bowl over my small pot and that works a treat.

Tip:  Add a bit more chocolate to your double boiler than the recipe calls for.  That way you can enjoy some fingerlickin when the chocolate melts down to that gooey warm wonderfulness.  Yummilicious!

巧克力, 冰淇淋, 雪糕, chocolate, ice cream, recipe, dessert, classic

We haven't acquired my dream ice cream maker yet, as our kitchen is way to small to incorporate gadgets beyond the most necessary.  So we make our ice cream the old, old fashioned way, i.e. with a good bit of elbow grease!  

You just make the ice cream mix, let it cool to room temp, and then place in the fridge.  You take the ice cream mix out at intervals and mix it up real good until the mix reaches a consistency of ice cream sludge.  (See the photo above)  Then you can pack it into the final ice cream container and you're all done!  It's mostly just waiting the intervals between mixing.  

And then...the joy of a Chocolatey Chocolate scoop or cone: creamy, smooth, chocolate like velvet, sweet like only chocolate can be!  Yeah for scrumptious chocolate ice creams everywhere!

巧克力, 冰淇淋, 雪糕, chocolate, ice cream, recipe, dessert, classic
Chocolatey Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe
(makes 1.5 liter) (adapted from herePrep time: 2 mins   Cook time: 15 mins



Roughly chop chocolate.   Melt chocolate in bain marie or double boiler.  When melted scrape into a small pot, add boiling water, cocoa powder, half of the sugar.  Cook over low to medium heat, stirring until thoroughly mixed.  Add milk, 3/4 cup cream, rest of the sugar, salt and stir until thoroughly mixed and slightly steamy.

Add 1/4 of chocolate mix into the whisked eggs, stirring constantly.  Then pour the chocolate egg mixture back into the pot of chocolate.  Continue to cook over low to medium heat, being sure to keep stirring and scraping the bottom of the pot to prevent custard from burning.  The custard is ready when it coats the back of a spoon and you can run your finger through and leave a clear line that doesn't run or drip.  

Remove from heat and add 1 cup cream and stir.  Pour the ice cream mixture through a sieve to remove any bits of scrambled egg and make sure your ice cream will be as smooth as possible.  

Put the ice cream mixture over a ice water bath, or, as I like to do because I don't have ice in my tiny fridge, a cool water bath to cool the mixture down to room temperature.  When using a cool water bath just be sure to change the water frequently as the water warms up.  Once cooled to room temp, chill and make ice cream according to your ice cream maker.

Or make ice cream the old fashioned way by covering your cooled ice cream mixture with cling wrap and placing in the freezer.  After 45 mins take out and give it a good thorough stirring, breaking up the ice crystals as much as possible.  Put back in freezer.  Repeat these steps at half hour intervals until the ice cream mixture reaches the consistency of soft serve ice cream.  At this point pack into your final ice cream container, put in the freezer and let it freeze.

To serve be sure to take out and let the ice cream soften for 10-15 mins before serving.   Scoop and cover with extra candy sprinkles or edible glitter as you desire.  Have fun with your Chocolatey Chocolate Ice Cream!

Tip:  Freeze your unused egg whites and keep 'em for making Chocolate Macarons to decorate your ice cream scoops!



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