September 15, 2011

Mooncake Toys - Mid Autumn Festival

Mooncake Toy
Published: 2011-09-15
A very cute mooncake indeed.  Just in time for Mid Autumn Festival, or 中秋節. Did you guess?  It's not really a mooncake at all, but a mooncake toy, purchased from one of the ubiquitous toy vending machines that are found everywhere in Hong Kong.  In recent years around the dates of the important festivals, these vending machines have featured special toys that go along with the festivals.  Usually food items (very Chinese!).

Anyways, we got lucky this year and spotted this beautiful, perfectly made miniature mooncake with its own metal mooncake box.  It's just like the real thing!  But cuter, of course.

Mooncake Toy

It's meant to be a mobile phone dangler, as you can see from the attached string loop.  That's a real craze in Hong Kong for a long time already and you can often see people with multiples of these toy danglers hanging off of their phones, jingling lightly as they talk.  I meant to put this little mooncake on my phone, except I gave it to the baby to play with and now, of course, it's lost somewhere in the house.

Bubble Toy Vending Machine



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