September 10, 2011

Hong Kong Organic Milk 香港有機牛奶

Hong Kong Organic Milk
Published: 2011-09-10
Ever since the baby came to us, there was always a concern about what kinds of food to feed her.  When we got to the stage where baby was ready for milk, we were at first stumped because after some research it seemed that modern milk is quite a manipulated and slightly strange thing (at least for a baby.)  Not wanting to give the baby milk that was over processed and stuffed with hormones and additives, we proceeded to search for imported organic milk in Hong Kong.

It never occurred to us that there might be a local source for organic milk.  But lo and behold, and quite by accident, we discovered Hong Ning Dairy, or 康寧牛奶, a Hong Kong source for fresh local organic milk.

Hong Kong Organic Milk

You have to look for it.  The big groceries don't carry it, but check out the small corner grocery shops.  We found ours at the little corner organic grocery shop near our apartment building.  These little local organic groceries are starting to spring up in many neighborhoods but you have to keep your eye out as the obvious signs one would expect are probably not going to be there.  You have to go in, look around and ask.  

When we discovered our source we were so happy!  Otherwise you could call the farm at Tel: 3580 0404 and ask them directly, which I haven't tried. They also have a website which is all in Chinese.  You can actually visit the farm and feed the cows!

Hong Kong Organic Milk

The milk is very fresh tasting as it should be as it is locally produced.  Hong Ning milk tastes like milk: fresh, creamy, milky, smooth.  No weird hormones or additives as it is organic.  What a wonder and a treat.  A wonder that a place like Hong Kong could still have a diary that produces quality organic milk.  And a treat in that in this dense city of cities we could still have the privilege of drinking fresh organic milk.



  1. I like the shape of the bottle. I'd buy it just for that alone.

    1. Yes, the old style design is refreshing, isn't it. ~ellen

  2. It is the last remaining dairy in Hong Kong. When I went there 10 years ago in 2011 my understanding was they only had a herd of 60 or so cows left, hence the limited availability!

  3. Hey Aussie honkie - wow you actually visited…cool! Unfortunately I think the cows are gone now and it’s changed into a milk processing plant. No more fresh local milk for HK :( ~ellen