February 21, 2024

Chinese Candied Cashews 蜜汁腰果

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Here's another Chinese New Year post, a most delicious snack, perfect to have around to serve guest and friends during the new year festivities.  These Chinese Candied Cashews 蜜汁腰果 are quick and easy to make and good enough you're going to want to make it again and again.  So yummy and they are shaped like gold ingots of old, giving lucky vibes to all who partake!

February 14, 2024

Chinese Prosperity Cake Fa Gao 新年發糕

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It’s the new Chinese year, dear readers, and we’re ready to start it off with our lovely fortune guaranteeing Chinese Prosperity Cakes Fa Gao 新年發糕!

These simple but gorgeous sweetened flour cakes or buns are steamed until they dramatically rise and then crack into a distinctive and attractive pattern. This ‘explosion’ of these buns, made in the event of the new year, indicates that your upcoming year will be prosperous!  Cool trick, amirite?

Before we go on, let me quantify a teensy bit.  Your prosperity will be predicted by the mysterious gods of bun fortune, BUT you gotta make sure that your buns actually do achieve that ‘explosion’ effect. Your buns might just not ‘explode’ at all (guess how I know that LOL).