September 26, 2014

Fish Tail Rice Soup 魚尾泡飯湯

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Here's a great two in one Chinese seafood dish that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.   For the Chinese there's nothing like fresh fish and super duper nothing like hot, aromatic, milky white fish soup!  

So if, one of these days, you thinking what to make for dinner, but're feeling a little lazy, plus you've got a sudden craving for fish and soup and have some leftover rice in your fridge, why not try this yummilicious and easy to make Fish Tail Rice Soup, or 魚尾泡飯湯, and get two (and a half, really) dishes for the effort of making one!

Fish, Tail, Rice, Soup,  魚尾, 泡飯, 湯, chinese, recipe, big head carp, carp, fish soup

The reason I say 'and a half' is because this Fish Tail Rice Soup could easily be a satisfying all in one dinner for two people.  You get a meaty fish dish, a soup dish and rice!  If that's not enough, or you're just extra hungry, just add one more, say, vegetable dish like Stir Fry Lotus Root and Chives  韭菜花炒蓮藕, and you're all set for a tummyful of delish homemade Chinese food.

For the fish in the soup, we've used the Big Head Carp, or 大頭鯉, which is a fresh water fish widely available in Hong Kong.  I prefer this carp over the Grass Carp, or 鯇魚, which is also very commonly available, finding the taste of the Big Head Carp to be sweeter and much less 'muddy.'  It's great to use these carps for this soup because they are quite large and meaty and make for a good mouthful of fish.  You could also use any other firm white meat fish, but if it is a smaller size use one or two whole fishes.

Fish, Tail, Rice, Soup,  魚尾, 泡飯, 湯, chinese, recipe, big head carp, carp, fish soup

The marker of an excellent Chinese fish soup is the milky creamy white color.  Yum!  That's when you know your soup's going to kick some butt!  The key to this is the careful pan frying the fish until golden and crisp.  Don't be lazy on this step and I promise you will be rewarded with a creamilious, milky white beauty of a fish soup!
Fish Tail Rice Soup Recipe  魚尾泡飯湯
(Prep time: 2 mins  Cook time: 23 mins)



Wash and dry fish.  Rub all sides of fish with some oil.  

Heat wok over high heat,  add 2 tbsp oil when hot and then immediately add ginger and stir til aroma rises.  Carefully add fish, turning the heat to medium low once the skin in seared.  Cook 3 minutes, making sure the fish is not sticking or burning.  Once golden crisp, flip fish and cook other side for 3 minutes or until golden.  Make sure your fish is approx. 90% cooked through at this point.  

Add the rice wine and let it cook down for 30 secs.  Add 6 cups boiling water and concentrated chicken stock (or chicken stock) and turn up the heat.  Once boiling, add thousand year egg, pickled mustard and white pepper and let simmer for 15 minutes.  

Remove the fish carefully to serving plate.  Add rice to soup and simmer for 1 minute.  Add salt to taste.

Arrange shredded spring onion and chilies over fish tail.  Heat 1 1/2 tbsp oil until smoking, then carefully pour over spring onion, chili and fish.  This will release the aromatics of spring onion and chili.  Add soy sauce around the fish (not on the fish) and serve with the soup.



  1. Fish tail soup is my favourite. :) I am so glad you made this blog, most blogs on Chinese cooking (in English) don't include the simple, homemade, healthy dishes that are so comforting.

    1. Hi myriam - Thanks! Glad you like our recipe. The comfort dishes are our favorite too! ~ellen