January 14, 2014

Chinese Style Coarse Liver Pâté 中式雞肝醬

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I love pate.  Or Pâté.  Or liver paste.  Or edible brown stuff.  Ah!  How yummy it all is, whatever the name!  For those in the know, liver is to be loved.  And yet, while I too love pâté, it is unfortunately too expensive (for me, anyways) to buy on a regular basis.  So one fine day, having made a delicious loaf of bread, I decided, enough is enough!  I must have some pâté!  To go with my delicious bread!  Life is too short to not have pâté!

So it was thus that I began to make my own pâté.  With a chinese twist, of course...and so we present to you a Chinese Style Coarse Liver Pâté, or 中式雞肝醬.

chinese, liver, chicken liver, pate, pâté, chinese style, recipe, homemade, 中式, 雞肝醬

When I finally made this momentous decision, I immediately rushed out and got these adorable little porcelain ramekins for my pâté.  They are perfect in that they stack right into each other vertically so you can save lots of room in the fridge.  I just love it when my latest culinary endeavor "requires" special equipment and bowls, don't you?!  ( My 老公's rolling his eyes at me now, hee hee!)

chinese, liver, chicken liver, pate, pâté, chinese style, recipe, homemade, 中式, 雞肝醬

I decided to use chinese ingredients wherever I could so that I could make a Chinese Style Liver Pâté.  Which I've never heard of before but somehow felt that chinese spices and flavoring would go naturally with chicken liver.  And the end result?  Yummy pâté of course!  It was really cool to see my own homemade pâté nestling in the little porcelain ramekins, all ready for a rustic picnic feast.  (We just have to find a forest,  somehow, in this concrete jungle!)  And, interestingly, the pâté still tasted very 'pâté-ish', with the chinese flavorings ringing in only on a secondary note.  I guess the lovely intense taste and aroma of liver is always going to carry any liver dish.

We have been eating my pâté in the mornings, on a slice of my homemade bread!  Wow, I was right, life is too short not to have pâté!  And I'm really happy that I can have a new way to help my family eat more of the organ meats that are so important for health.
Chinese Style Coarse Liver Pâté Recipe
Makes 3 pates  Prep time: 1 hr 5 mins  Cook time: 1 hr 30 mins



Preheat oven to 350 F or 176 C.

Soak livers in milk for at least one hour or overnight.  Discard milk, rinse and cut of any connective tissue or tough bits.  Put in your food processor along with rice wine, garlic, shallots, ginger, salt, soy sauce, sugar, and white pepper.  Pulse until smooth.  Mix in ground pork.

If using bacon strips line your bowls with one bacon strip each and fill with liver paste, smooth the tops and fold the bacon strips over the top.  If using cubed bacon fill your bowl first and smooth off, then just simply add the bacon cubes on top, pressing bacon lightly into the pate mix.  Top off each ramekin with a bay leaf.

Place ramekins in a baking dish.  Pour water carefully around ramekins until water reaches halfway up side of ramekin.  Place in oven.  Cook for 1 1/2 hour.

Remove ramekins from water.  They will be puffed up and need to have a weight placed on them to compact the pâté.  I used some old glass jars.  Once cool: Die, Die, Must Try!



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