May 13, 2013

Hong Kong Mooncake Molds 月餅模具

hong kong wood mooncake molds
Published: 2013-05-13
Just to share my joy at the latest cool stuff found digging through old dusty boxes at old dusty stores in Hong Kong.  You can definitely still find a treasure or two if you don't mind to taking your time and getting your fingers dirty.  Here are some old wooden mooncake molds, or 月餅模具.  Actually the two on the left are mooncake molds and the two on the right are wooden molds for other chinese pastry/cookies.  They had probably been sitting in that same old box for the past 15-20 years or something.

The store owner, an old man who frowned at me at first but was very nice later on, spoke of the old days of supplying the big Chinese Emporiums in Hong Kong and the eventual die down of demand, etc.  The store itself is done the old fashioned way, with the merchandise piled high in a untidy, seemingly random way.  A lot of rattan and bamboo craft.  Old Hong Kong craft.  Very fascinating stuff.  But, warning, quite dusty!!  I may have to go back for more browsing soon.

Black Sesame Ice Cream 黑芝麻雪糕

black sesame, ice cream, no machine, sesame, recipe, 黑芝麻, 雪糕, 冰淇淋

The summer's coming and it's time for lots of ice cream!  We tried a recipe for black sesame ice cream that is just out of this world delicious!  It seems even to have supplanted our blueberry ice cream as the family's favorite ice cream flavor.

I think the reason it is so good is that you make the black sesame paste yourself.  We tried this before, roasting and then grinding our own black sesame for Black Sesame Tang Yuan 黑芝麻湯圓 that came out fantastic.  The black sesame is so fragrant this way!  Nothing that you buy or that you get when eating out can compare to it.  Well,  here is something just as yummy with this freshly made paste - the fabulous Black Sesame Ice cream!