November 17, 2011

Oil Poached Salmon - Simply Tender

fish, oil poached, recipe, salmon, seafood

I don't know about y'all (as they say in Texas), but for me watching cooking shows is one of my favorite forms of relaxation.  It just always seems so interesting and...comforting, I guess.  Yes, I know that sounds kinda weird, but surely it is more relaxing than watching the endless blood and violence and perversity that seems to populate the usual TV shows these days.  

So anyways as we were watching all these cooking shows we noticed a cooking technique that, frankly, we had never heard of before.  Oil poaching.  It seemed so weird the first time we saw it but we quickly realized that the technique is similar to water poaching, which is commonly done to excellent effect in Chinese cooking.  

So one day we decided to do some deep fry (which we seldom do) chicken midjoints (which didn't come out so great) and as a consequence of having all that oil in the pot already we decided that we might as well try oil poaching the nice salmon fillet that we had also bought for dinner.

fish, oil poached, recipe, salmon, seafood

And the result?  The tenderest, just cooked salmon.  Wonderful smooth texture.  Lightly infused with the flavor of the olive oil and the scent of the spices.  Not the least bit greasy either.  This is definitely a great way to cook fish fillets.  You don't instinctively think that this will work but it truly does.  We added some steamed wild rice and our latest vegetable discovery, crisp delicious haricot verts from South Africa.  Simple yet delicious.
Oil Poached Salmon Recipe
(Prep time: 5 mins  Cook time: 20 mins)



Heat oil in large deep skillet at the lowest possible heat.   Add all the spices. Use your finger to test the oil.  When you can't keep your finger in the oil anymore, the temperature is perfect.  

Wash and dry the fish thoroughly.  Slide into the oil and let cook for 20-30 minutes.  When you can see the fat of the fish pearling on the surface of the fillet, then the fish is done.  Scoop up carefully, letting the oil drip away as much as possible.  Add a pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper and serve.



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