October 23, 2011

Hong Kong Noodle Dishes - Food Toys

Bubble Toys, food toys, hong kong, noodles, traditional, Fish Slices, Fish Ball Noodles, 魚片魚蛋麵

I got hooked on these bubble toys when our baby was just walking and one of our favorite outings was going for a short walk around the neighborhood in the evenings when the usually chaotically traffic choked streets got quieter.  These bubble toy dispensers have always been around in Hong Kong dropping forth all sorts of cool toys packaged inside the 'bubble' and are usually located at the local convenience stores or in stores that only specialize in bubble toys.

It was just that I never really took much notice of them before.  At first it was just a diversion for the baby, something to interest her and have fun together with.  But then I discovered that they also dispensed really cool food toys and from that moment on I secretly became just as obsessed with them as my little girl and nowadays we argue over who gets to choose the machine we buy from that day.

chinese,hong kong,hong kong noodle,food toy,noodle,food,bubble toy,toy
Bubble Toy
chinese,hong kong,hong kong noodle,food toy,noodle,food,bubble toy,toy
Bubble Toy Machine

The most recent bubble toy food series was really delightful in that it showcased classic Hong Kong noodle dishes.  There's nothing quite like having the ordinary details of your life re-packaged back to you as pop art.  We were tickled pink to see some of our favorite noodle dishes miniaturized and recreated in tiny, perfect detail.  What a tasty treat for our eyes!  So here are the toys that we have gotten so far:

Hong Kong, noodles, traditional, Fish Slices, Fish Ball Noodles, 魚片魚蛋麵
Fish Slices and Fish Ball Noodles 魚片魚蛋麵

A delicious bowl of Fish Slices and Fish Ball Noodles, or 魚片魚蛋麵.  Set in the classic ubiquitous green plastic bowl too!  You can just see the whirls of oil and the steam rising from the freshly prepared bowl of noodles.  A general favorite.  You gotta have this every once in a while.

Hong Kong, noodles, traditional, 牛腩牛肚麵, Beef Flank Tripe Noodles
Beef Flank and Tripe Noodles 牛腩牛肚麵

An aromatic bowl of Beef Flank and Tripe Noodles, or 牛腩牛肚麵.  My 老公's favorite.  For those of you who have not tried innards, what can I say but that you're really missing out.  I didn't eat this stuff either until I moved to Hong Kong and saw table after table of people slurping and chewing away so happily on  bowls of stomach, intestine, lung, heart, etc.  

Slowly I began to try all these things and have discovered some really unique and delicious tastes and textures.

Hong Kong, noodles, traditional, 炸醬麵, Zha Jiang Noodles
Zha Jiang Noodles 炸醬麵

This is plate of Zha Jiang Noodles, or 炸醬麵, Hong Kong style.  I point this out because there are many different version of the famous noodle and this one is the kind you will find in Hong Kong.  Basically it is Hong Kong style noodles smoothered with shredded pork in a slightly sweet and aromatic bright orange colored sauce.  Very yummy and fulfilling.  Not really sure what they use for the sauce here, definitely something to look into.

Hong Kong, noodles, traditional, 雲吞麵, Wonton Noodles
Wonton Noodles 雲吞麵

Ah, my personal favorite!  A bowl of Wonton Noodles, or 雲吞麵.  Wonton noodles have an underground cult status here in Hong Kong, where people argue heatedly about where the best bowl of wonton noodles can be currently had.  Yes, yes, I know, wonton noodles are ubiquitous in Hong Kong, are everywhere.  But the really good stuff, the stuff that makes you sigh with pleasure at the first slurpy bite, is neither easy to find nor to make.

Hope you like our food toys as much as we do!



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