October 8, 2011

Chinese Festival Cake - For Tea Time

Published: 2011-10-12 
It is always fun, if you have a sweet tooth, to discover new delicious pastries, cookies and cakes that you can bring home.  In this we are lucky as Hong Kong has more than its fair share of yummy pastry shops and bakery shops that sell all kinds of sweets from Chinese style to Western style.  

My relatives (usually female and always on a diet) always go berserk when they come here and see all the yummy pastries presented so nicely in the store windows.  And the sweets here are not over-sweetened like they are in the States.  Recently we picked up this Chinese Festival Cake at the wet market where they were selling all kinds of goodies for the Mid Autumn Festival.

Chinese Festival Cake

There is a very cool imprint of a fierce Chinese Lion on it.  We decided that this must be had with some lovely 普洱茶, Pu-erh tea, so I brought out the cake one afternoon as we were having our tea break.  It was kind of soft and didn't really need to be cut into so we broke into it with our fingers and ate the dense chewy pieces along with sips of our hot, fragrant Chinese tea.

Chinese Festival Cake

It seemed to be made of flour and sugar mostly with a hint of almond. (There were no ingredients listed on the package.)  The middle of the cake had a sweeter layer running through it.  It seemed almost a pity to eat it  as it was so pretty, but, ah, such is life.  It was a lovely Chinese tea break that day.



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